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Hope to finish this soon. Due for the 25th. Its for a Oct Pummel.…

Been really busy with freelance work, not to mention my PC acting up. :/

Heres a… to the image.
Still gots a long way to finish! ;)
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Thought I would give it a try. It was fun adding the music and pics. Check it out!…

I suggest using the 720p.
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In honor of Marvel vs Capcom 3 my next vs will be Dante and Deadpool. Stay tuned! :D
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The Starkiller vs Luke Skywalker has me excited to do more of these. But this time might take more time planning it and improving on my coloring. Now to see which characters to do...
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Hope this helps people. This being my first tutorial I don't know if its any good. lol…
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Update on the Wolverine vs Grifter piece, its done! :)
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Right now I have 968 views, Not much compared to some other artist but I'm aiming for at least 1000. Guess I could also make a 1000 pageviews commerative drawing too. heh
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Heh...I've been a member since 2k3 but finally manage to post today. I guess it was a bit overwhelming, the site that is. As an artist I feed off of other artist, not in ideas but in motivation. To me drawing is easy, its getting inspiration thats key. Looking onto this site and its many 'diverse' artists is like a mountain of inspiration that is much needed. I thank you.