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Poor Quirrel

By clarkey-lou
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added some shading and some extra bits to this : [link]


hope you like!! and yes this is the extent of my background-drawing ability :p shocking i know...

jkr owns
i own the art haha
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In your face, Voldemort! Literally!
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Poor Voldemort, more like.
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WARNING SPOILER: because they pelted voldemort continuiously in the last one, he made sure to kill at least one of the twins. sorry Its evil.
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I remember this! I only recently realized that they unintentionally hit Voldemort's face!Giggle 
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they were beating up voldemort
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Fred and George: the only people in this world badass enough to hit Voldemort in the face.
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Poor Quirrel? I'm thinking that Voldemort got the worst pain here...
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Oh, those twins! So funny! :D
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adorable! I love the simplicity so much~their grins are so cute!
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thanks! I'm glad you like it (:
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I love Fred&&George in this one!
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They're so cute! :icontearplz:
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Hah!!! Later in the year after they find out that Voldemort was on the back of Quirrel's head they flash back to this moment and go "We hit Voldemort in the face with snowballs...Wicked!" XD
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Oh my gosh!! Their face are amazing!!
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