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Forever Falling For You by ClarityWind, visual art

All USD payments will be done through PayPal - I will send you an invoice. Feel free to comment below, or DM me on discord. I will consider AR/submission offers - these will be for my Xiunus characters in the form of Mining, Foraging or Crucible Prompts. USD will take preference though. Using official CR values for items. Conversion Rate: $1 USD = 500 Cr Suilk 654 x Birayit 3442 2) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy Aa/ee/nPg Crimson with Pangare Regular ears, Short horns Diurnal, Herbivore Free Serenity 1873 x Dr. Riki 1874 1) Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy Aa/ee/nSt/nPa Striped Crimson with Panda High ears, Kirin horns Crepuscular, Carnivore 2 AR / BTT |or| $15 Serenity 1873 x Dr. Riki 1874 2) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy aa/Ee/nD/nU/nPa Hazel with Dun, Underbelly and Panda High ears, Para
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- All payments will be through PayPal - First come first serve - I will hold up to 1 week (7 days) then they will become available again Know a Kukuri of mine that's not listed here that you're interested in? Make me an offer. Not listed here I have no intention to sell, but will for the right price. Completely off limits are: Suilk, Stru'enas, Tolly, Mokko, Bra'lokko, Bronehide, Tahlia, Mi'tala. $10 Each, or 3 for $25 Genotype: Aa/Ee/nH/nBl/nOk Phenotype: Amber with Hood, Blanket and Okapi Ears: Regular Horns: Rhino Rank: None Genotype: Aa/Ee/nPg/nSm/nH Phenotype: Smoked Amber with Pangare and Hood Ears: Regular Horns: Short Tail: Fuzzy Rank: None Genotype: Aa/ee/nSm/nDa Phenotype: Smoked Crimson with Dalmatian Ears: Droop Horns: Short Tail:Silken Rank: None Genotype: Aa/ee/nSk/nD/nSb Phenotype: Crimson with Skunk, Dun and Sable Ears: High Horns: Short Tail: Silken Rank: None $15 each, or 2 for $25 Genotype: Aa/ee/Oo/nSm/nDa/nRi/ Phenotype:
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Need money. No heart-string-tug reason, just simply want to buy a few games that have come on sale on Steam and for my Switch. (also to commission others, shhh) Prices listed in USD, I will also accept Euro or AUD Payments through PayPal invoices All upfront, or half deposit and half upon completion Turn around time 1-3 weeks (I work and have a toddler, so yeah, personal time is tight) Your choice of transparent, or simple background. Wont Draw (I'm not good at them, trust me) Humans, human hands Heavy or complex machinery ------------------------------------------- Flatcolour Bust $15 USD Shaded Bust $25 USD
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Hello and happy birthday!! Hope you've had a very nice day. <3 
Purple Crystal Cake? Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled day, today! Hug Huggle! Hug Have your cake and eat it too La la la laPurple Crystal Cake?
Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday
So we could party too!!~
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 
Happy birthday!!!! <33
You are awesome my friend.