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The demon of elul.
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Cool Pic Of Id. He's Like One Of My Favorite Bad Guys On The Game.
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i think this guy is so hot e_e... ID IS SOOOOOOO SEXY u_u
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Thank you for posting this. It's beautiful. I really liked the game, so this brings alot of memories for me.
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I wanna sprite all those characters I have Fei Fong Wong XD!!
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He was destruction incarnate, capable of turning regular Gears into swiss cheese with barely any effort, but when his mind and Fei's were all integrated into one, he became the truest version of a divine avatar; throw in the Xenogears, and fuhgeddaboutit!
One has to wonder... ID is your desires... Wonder how's Fei's superego(The little kid, i think?)
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Awesome. There is too little Id fanart out there.
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hated fighting this motha f#%*@r... ill ass character tho
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Easily my favorite pic on dA. VERY well done!
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Awesome detail with the armor considering how rare official pics of ID (body at least) there are. Like what others have said the colors of the flames really bring his character to life!
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I like the warm colors and how the flames and his hair turned out.
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Great work with the detail of the armor, looks awesome :D
Simply great!
Xenogears is still alive ^^
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good job

This is awesome! :boogie:
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Reminds me of Remy, anyway, it's very pretty.
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Id is definitely one of the coolest characters. You did such a great job of making him look evil. The background you did gives it a great atmosphere.
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Hey Id fans, thought you may be interested in getting into this debate:

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One of the best games I ever played!
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Eee! Id! <3 This is beautiful! I love how you drew his face and hair (his expression is perfect) and that awesome fiery background. :D
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