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The Hidden Lady by ClarinettoMafioso The Hidden Lady by ClarinettoMafioso
So here's is Eleanor of Brittany!

She was the eldest surviving child of Constance of Brittany and Geoffrey II, also known as The Fair Maid of Brittany, Damsel of Brittany, Pearl of Brittany, and the Beauty of Brittany.  It is believed that she was imprisoned sometime before Arthur's capture, and was held as a political prisoner under the reigns of John I and Henry III and died as a nun at age 57~59.  She was kept under strict eye even though her claim to the throne was shaken due to the supression of Arthur's revolt and her claim to the Duchy of Brittany was weakened due to Arthur's status as heir and that status passing to her half-sister Alix of Thouars.  
In negotiations with Brittany, John I would refer to Eleanor as his "dearest niece", and there is evidence to suggest that she ate meals typical of a noble.  She was sometimes allowed to ride out with the presence of a strict guard.  While freedom was thrown around as an idea, even with some promising negotiations with the Bretons, Eleanor was never released, even after the signing of the Magna Carta, which demanded the release of other political prisoners.

When looking up stuff about her, the word "defiant" seemed to show up quite often, definately Geoffrey and Constance's child :D (Big Grin) 
I feel bad for her though, I imagine her as always holding on to the hope that she would either be released or find a way to escape, only to never have that happen.  It probably didn't help anything that her younger brother disappeared during his imprisonment.

I've drawn her here with a dress that was supposedly ordered for her: dark green fabric trimmed with miniver.

paper texture
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