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By ClaribeIle
And yes that means they are officially open again now weee I want to save up money for college/moving out so yea c:

I will draw animals, creatures, anthros. I can draw humans too but I tend to be picky about them.
I'll draw anything but extreme porn, I'm totally okay with nudity or suggestive themes, but porn is a no for me right now.

I'm in summer break right now so commissions shouldn't take too long to do, but be aware that I do have a job so don't expect it to be done in a day (it can happens, but I guarantee nothing)

:bulletred: PRICES :bulletred:

everything is in USD

Cleaned up sketch  - 2$ to 4$ depending on if you want it colored or not exemples :  Brain fart by ClaribeIle  I'm blue dabadee dabedie by ClaribeIle 

Lineart - 5$………
Flat colours - 7$ to 10$ depending on if the character has crazy markings or not……
Full colours, either cell shading or gradiant shading - 15$-20$  Dementia by ClaribeIle  Hurry up mommy! by ClaribeIle  Oh hai C: by ClaribeIle

Simple backgrounds (flat colours or texture, like in the fully colored headshot exemple) are free, fully drawn bg like that  Nysis by ClaribeIle are 5$ to 15$ extra, depending on what you what (a sky would be cheaper than a full scenery)
Those prices work for headshots, waist-up, fullbody drawings, headshots only have more detailed faces usually and can come a bit cheaper than fullbody drawings.
Every extra character is a 25% extra, for a maximum of 4 characters per drawings (if you really want more, note me and we'll talk about it)
You can pay me in points, 1$ USD = 100 points

:star: Make a journal promoting my commissions and get 25% off on anything you wish :star:

If you have any question just comment here or note me

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Hmm I may be commissioning you, you beautiful woman you.
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aaaa ok *pets you*
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Promote promote promote