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Blue is the colour of the clear sky and the deep sea. On the optical spectrum, blue is located between violet and green.
There are many variations of blue, from the violet-blue indigo, to the dark blue shades of ultramarine, cobalt blue, navy blue, and Prussian blue; to lighter blues; sky blue, azure, cerulean blue, and Egyptian blue. Cyan, or aqua, is the colour midway in the spectrum between blue and green. Other blue-greens include turquoise, teal, and aquamarine.
Some blue pigments and dyes are made from minerals and plants, while others, such as Prussian blue and synthetic ultramarine, have been created by chemists in the laboratory.

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Cold blue by FotoNerdz
Blue 77 by eyedesignIn Blue by ShadowinLight
Blue-haired boy by ShunYukiInto The Blue by RaBBiTKa
Blue vs Yellow by LaumoonBlue by wawa-station
Blue Cocktail by OmarAzizTiffany by bittykate
Tidal Lemon by Hunter-Arkaman
Blue Sparkle by eyedesign
Cookie Loves Lomo by ZoeWieZo

What other colours would you like to see featured?

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I like this feature, plus it's my favorite color :)
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wow thats some awesome work there!

what about red? i love me some red
claremanson's avatar
nice, i will add red to my list of maybes :)
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Thank you so much for the feature~ :heart: Really lovely blue stuffs here~
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you are most welcome :)
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Great feature! There's some great 'blue' stuff out there. :D I especially enjoy the different effects with water. Thanks for sharing!
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indeed, i never really took much notice to water before other than reflections in puddles and water drops so this was a great feature to do :)
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I would love to see purple! :squee: :iconpurpleheartplz: :iconpurpleflowerplz:
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oh one of my favourite colours, great choice :)
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I second that! :giggle:
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....and I third it! :D :lmao:
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I'd love to see green! :la:
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oh thats a good colour :)
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Aww so beautiful!!
Great journal feature :D
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