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February 1, 2021
Exposition by ClaraScintilla
Featured by Moonbeam13
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another big drawing
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Птицы придуманные?

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основаны на реальных, но да, их не существует

EyweenaPterus's avatar

Очень интересные виды! Главное, так глубоко продумано всё - и внешность, и научное название (!), и, наверно, какая-то информация предполагалась...

Напомнило вот это:

Glow Bird | Luciferopennata cavernicula
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они скорее в качестве метафоры существуют, спасибо!!

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With the albatross, I am reminded of The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Did you get insperation for your light placement from there?

For those who haven't heard of the story, the albatross, seen as an angel of the seas, brings wind to a stranded boat and saves them from certain death, but is in return shot by an arrow by a bored deckhand. The wind stops and they are then stranded again in a motionless stretch of water. The rest of the crew deems him guilty of dooming them so they make him wear the albatross around his neck to symbolize of the weight of his sins. As you can see from the size comparison in the picture, this are not small birds.

ClaraScintilla's avatar

Yes! I love this poem so much!!

You can also see, that species name of Albatross is coleridgae

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!!! Now I see it! It has his portrait below in the blerb! How awesome! I didn't know the genus was named after him!💕

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This is amazing! I love it

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There's something about this particular scene which evokes on a complex scale and level more than mere concept art.

The characters & animals, even the rudimentary design of the room seems normal at first glance but the more you delve into this the more questions are created with no specific answer. Hints of associating light source of various solids (mostly Lunar amd star-based) almost ominous with its LED-like vibrant shine alongside the various Avians suggest various spiritual or cosmic symbolism, association, legend and myth.

However its familiar yet strangely alien and hard to recall anything specific even for a knowledgable viewer. That part makes this art snapshot one of the most frightening when thought altogether deeply, while still fascinatingly mysterious at same time.

I long for such to actually exist somewhere for visit, be it the alternate Earth or another country & planet. Stellar job here!

ClaraScintilla's avatar

One of the most wonderful reviews I have ever received in my life! Thank you

Yasuki-Konno's avatar

You're Most Welcome! Continue please to draw more of such compelling arts and worlds.

ClaraScintilla's avatar

Looks like it would make a great for real museum exhibit to go to. Everything is very detailed and looks really realistic from the mounted birds to the people walking.

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Wow, this is amazing!

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Notice that each bird has some sort of white item that represents the night, possibly they had passed away when flying? Or maybe it has to do with the humans?

ClaraScintilla's avatar

they are spirits of the Moon, Hope and Dawn (swift, that eats stars)

FuseCat's avatar

Ah, that’s a very clever idea of you! At first, I thought it had meant something else, but this is more understandable (in a good way :D ).

falsedragon12's avatar

what dose it represent? love the art.

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