Guys, I'm sorry but there isn't gonna be a new FFVI Webcomic page today... It turned out this week I got really worn out due to a health related issue that is giving me a lot of migraines (it's nothing serious, don't worry) and my wrists and finger joints starting to hurt again so I couldn't draw almost nothing this week...

Sorry everyone, I didn't want to break my weekly page streak but sometimes personal problems happens!

Thank you all for your understanding! ❤️

Moogle Hurt
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By ClaraKerber
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Take the breaks you need! ♥

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That's totally A-Ok, Clara. You rest up. Your fan comic series and all your artwork in general is good, but if you're gaining health related problems from overworking then the best thing to do is take it easy. We all still support you. ^_^

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It’s fine, you go ahead and rest up.