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Spyro, Klonoa, Crash Bandicoot, Gex The Gecko, Croc and Rayman! who made part of your childhood? n_n and who's is your favorite? o/ 
they've all made part of mine, they're very special to me :heart: Playstation 1 will always be my favorite console!

I was going to add PaRappa the Rapper and Sir Daniel Fortesque from Medievil but I didn't play their games that much when I was little =B'

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rayman he to playstation he not anymore he now ubisoft

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Hopefully we get to see them return in Smash!

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6 fanart challenge playstation. How awesome
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That looks pretty cool!

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Hm almost all of my favorite characters are on dis picture. I’m gonna favorite it.... nice art

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I always knew about crash, mainly because the guidebook for spyro 1 had crash team racing on the back of it. I wanted to get into rayman, but if I get a game that's that much money, I would rather buy one I know I can finish like klonoa or something. But spyro is my life. Obviously. I'm named after him lol.
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I love Rayman and Crash the most. After that are Spyro and Croc. I'm sad Abe didn't make it =V
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Rayman, Crash, Spyro and Croc are familiar of my childhood.
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Crash Bandicoot and Croc were my two first PlayStation mascots.
as for Spyro and Klonoa, I met them before on PlayStation 1 when I was like younger... before I got a Gamecube ^w^
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but gex and rayman... I couldn't get to meet them until when I was like 15 or something like that when I got a PlayStation 3 For rayman, while I Watched some Gex videos when i was like 15 or something.
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yep I got croc and its finally for psone at last.
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Croc is best of the bunch. :D
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I can't decide which one is my favorite, but Croc sure was one of the greatest! *o*
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My favorites!!!
Best of the old classics still from today
Awesome job drawing this! Love how the drawings came out! :-)
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Spyro and Crash were my childhood favorites.
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I love it! Spyro is my favorite from my childhood.
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Wouldn't it be cool if they all crossed over in a Sony-licensed official comic series? I'm getting story ideas in my head already! You could call it, how bout'..."PlayStation Adventures"
or "PlayStation Heroes" or something. I could even pass some story ideas right now!

Spyro: It would be about Spyro in his beautiful fantasy world. Defending dragons, exploring the world and meeting magical characters. It could have lot's of magical dragon action scenes with all the flying and flame powers. And even though I dislike them, we could throw the Skylanders in for good measure and give actual personality and fleshed out backstories.

He already has an online comic book series licensed by Namco Bandai. You can check it out.

If Activision won't care, we will. It would be about Crash living on N. Sanity Island with his friends, Aku Aku, Coco, Twana, and Crunch. Stopping the evil Dr. Cortex and other baddies, while having fun and exploring the mysterious, lush, tropic island of adventure. Humor and Crazy fun surround this wonderful cast of characters.

With all the popular media in TV and movies nowadays, it'll take years for Gex to travel them all! With witty humor, fun locations and cool items, Gex comics would be pretty cool.

I don`t have a bunch of good ideas, but it could have Croc and his friends exploring the world and stopping Baron Dante from destroying it. I have no idea, but I bet a lot of you do have very creative ideas.

Best epic-fantasy-comedy-adventure ever. Rayman, defending the Glade of Dreams from Nightmares, Robot Pirates and Mister Dark with all his friends from the games! Maybe Dark Rayman could be a major villain! All the humor, charm, creativity, adventure and atmosphere would make it the best epic-fantasy-comedy-adventure ever. Period.
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I love Rayman! Rayman icon 2  I love all 6 of his main games "except those d**m Rabbids". But I like Klonoa too. :iconklonoasomoeplz: It's cute, fun and simply a blast to play on the Wii remake of DTP.
I really like Crash too. Crash dance  I'm not crazy for him, but his games are fun. Gex is good, too be honest I'd like to see a Gex and Klonoa remake someday. I haven't played Croc but I like the first game. And Spyro, Spyro Icon 1 me and my friend are CRAZY for him. The REAL Spyro, not Skylanders. Because Activison ruins everything. Just be glad it didn't buy out Rare in 2002. And yes, they tried to do that, and failed to Microsoft. So it could be worse. Thank you PlayStation:sonyplaystation: :playstationdualshockcontroller: :playstationcontroller: , for everything. Heart 3D 
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For me its mostly Crash in a good mix of some Spyro and Gex (more Spyro than Gex though...). Its really easy for me to pick favourite, but hard to completely drop the other two, as they hold special place in my heart as well, almost too special not to include them! I was never into the other three tbh...
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Oddly enough, you did draw Rayman in his Hoodlum Havoc and onwards design.
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Straight into my favourites you go XD Awesome work!
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