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Hi! It's been half a decade!😳Can you believe it?😅

This account is now a mess of messages to manage and reply to, but I am absolutely thrilled to be back and offering my stock to you once again! 💕

Changes that will be taking place:
All of my stock will no longer be completely free for use.
There will still be free stock for use of course! Now disabled because of medical reasons, I am no longer able to work a "normal" job to afford life and it's necessities, so my income now must come from my art.
I promise you, prices will be low enough so both you and I benefit!!  Only $1-$5! Prints are also available for purchase, from both this and my main account, AlienJeri

You will find a variety of stock needs, and I am willing to photograph (nearly) anything you need (within reason) for a low fee, the cost depending on how much time/labor is needed and if supplies need to be purchased.

Here's to our new creative venture together!!!😆😆😆

Please email if you are a publishing company or company that wishes to use my work commercially. 

My paypal email is the same as above, if ever you want to contribue to helping me create more art. Any amount is helpful, right now our family has medical bills to pay off, and it's hard to invest in my own work when bills are constantly due. ❤️
Since becoming chronically ill a few years back and unable to work at a consistent job,
money has been very, very, very sparse. I don't even buy the normal 'essentials' anymore,
let alone splurge on things like internet subscriptions, and my favorite perfumes or clothes..
so THANK YOU VERY MUCH to whoever was generous enough to give me a subscription.

I shall posting many images because of this. ;D

A lot of new textures/selfies to be posted that were taken with my new camera...
much better quality, even higher resolution, true to life colors..
the camera is so wonderful I find myself hardly having to edit anymore! :D

If you have any ideas for stock images you'd like me to shoot, please let me know!! :huggle:

It has literally been years!
(OKAY. maybe one year, not having truly working in nearly 3!):faint:
But after an illness that nearly killed me&threw me for a very big loop
I'm getting back on my feet with a new camera in hand and totally new frame of mind.


The day after getting my new equipment
I photographed a wedding in rural NY...and felt complete again.
I melted right into it as if I never stopped; wandering aimlessly, shooting blissfully.
It felt so right it almost felt wroooong. :giggle:

I also found hundreds of vintage family photographs; I'm thinking about sharing a few..
but it'll mostly be textures by hand, bokeh, portraits..the usual awesome. :heart:

It's so good to be back with the camera. :love:
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  • Playing: With my tablet!
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You've found an imaginative, fun, bold, & quality stock account
where using stock outside of deviantart is not only allowed, but encouraged! :aww: :handshake:
Just be very patient with me, it may take awhile for me to respond due my life right now;
but I check messages as often as possible, and plan on updating my gallery with -many- new styles+ideas!! :meow:

:star:Stock use terms!:star:
:bulletgreen: You can download, manipulate, upload any *noted* IMAGES&LAYERS available here; NO need to ask first.
:bulletyellow: If you want to make a print out of the images, you must ask first.
:bulletred: You MAY NOT edit, use or upload my WALLPAPERS anywhere online. (personal desktop use only.)
:bulletorange: Please notify me where the work is by comment
:bulletpink: Most important, you must somewhere give credit&link back to "Clara McGuire Artistry" on work &/or website.
:bulletpurple: For fun, tag your image 'clarabellafairestock' to easily be found and placed in favorites and features collections! (:
:bulletblue:) Tag your image 'clarabellafairestock' (on dA/flickr/etc)
to be found by me & placed in favorites or featured! ^^

ONLY Email me for use on commercial ideas, book covers, CD kits..
no matter the image

and with any other questions, ideas, links you'd like to share with me..
Payments accepted are
-Paypal @
-points via deviantART

Stock supplied here:
:bulletblack:.) High-res images generally intended  for free personal/non-commercial use.
:bulletblack:.)  Full body/portrait & macro female shots  (I need male models, contact me!)
:bulletblack:.)  Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh!!
:bulletblack:.)  Nature, architecture and Cityscape images
:bulletblack:.)  Textures & Color overlays galore
:bulletblack:.)  Wallpapers (requests open)
:bulletblack:.)  && eventually tutorials & brush packs!

Known as the colorful, quirky, hard working photographer
:icontheclarabellafaire: & :iconclarabellafaire:*
(*as of July 22, 2011!) for different art styles than in my other gallery. :flirty:
Please check it out / follow me on both if you're interested in my work!
They'll both be used in different ways as often as possible. Much appreciated♥

Thank you all for accepting me for me and my quirky views on life...
for being kind enough to use my work for the liking and the source of your images;
Being part of your art's the most flattering thing a gal could ever wish for.
It's a phenomenal concept, & I adore each and everyone of you.:smooch: