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The Demon of Saint-Eli - Original Version by clara-01
Mature content
The Demon of Saint-Eli - Original Version :iconclara-01:clara-01 1 0
The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 27
The alarm clock woke Robert Bohm at 5:30 of the morning, and for the hundredth time during the year, he hurried to shut it off. His wife moaned softly, pulling her bed covers closer to her. Robert propped on an elbow to watch her sleep for a few minutes, enjoying her facial features, showing some subtle signs of ageing to his fondness, under the soft moonlight piercing through the curtains. Pushing delicately some of her hair strands aside to reveal her cheek, he leaned over and kissed her softly near her lips. She moaned once more, and groggily lifted a sleepy hand to touch his cheek.
“Have a good day, honey,” she sleepily told him.
“I will, baby, as always,” Bohm replied softly, kissing his wife’s hand, before rising out of bed; his wife was already fast asleep.
While shaving, Bohm clung to the emotion of the moment he just had; for him, these small times with his wife were at times more fulfilling to him than eve
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 26
“Listen to my voice, Abraham,” Daniel said, his voice soft and smooth. “Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Let your mind be blank of any distracting thoughts or worries. You must find a detail, deep within your mind, that does not match the life you know. For this, you must not force it. Think slowly and calmly, relive each moments you know. Find a detail that does not correspond. A face that you never met, a smell you are not familiar with, a music you never heard here. Do not rush this process. Let it come to you, whenever it comes.”
Abraham tried to relax as much as he could. After a few moments, his thoughts would always divert back to the accusations, to his mystery. Everytime Daniel would see a facial expression betraying Abraham’s distracted thoughts, he would calmly bring him back to think only about the missing details.
About half an hour passed, and Daniel received inside his brain a call from Randall. The
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 25
Abraham slowly opened his eyes, staring right at a rich wooden roof. He blinked several times, trying to reconnect with the world around him, the nervous sensations returning to his limbs. He felt like he just came out of a really deep sleep. When his senses returned, he realized he was lying back in a comfortable leather couch, big enough to accommodate his length. He rose to a seated position, and as he scanned the cozy room, his eyes fell upon a wooden desk, behind which Daniel was staring at him, with his usual impassible stance, straight in his chair. Abraham looked around him, but he was alone with Daniel; the room, although matching in style the luxurious offices of the Capitoline, was pretty much bare except the said leather couch, the wooden desk, and one library filling one side of the walls.
“Are you well, Mr. Solomon?” Daniel asked, his monotone voice brightened only by his perfect Britannian accent.
“Yes... I think,&
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 24
Simulation Against Shadows
The stars were slowly appearing in the sky as Tom, Madzistrale and Gabzryel sat upon the soft grass, their mouth open as Anazryel finished her incredible story.
“Now you know how you are here,” the Queen concluded.
“One thing that I don’t understand, if I may,” Madzistrale shyly asked.
“Of course.”
“If these people are that dangerous, why can’t you interfere yourself? You seem powerful enough…”
“I am. It is for that exact reason that I cannot interfere. At least, not directly,” Anazryel explained. “Because of my father Myzryel’s Treaty, my people are not allowed to directly interfere with a civilization. We cannot ourselves stop their wars, or tell them what to do. For such a control can easily lead to slavery.”
“And yet... you are asking us to interfere... Isn’t that interfering?” Madzistrale replied, puzzled.
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 23
Evening Dance
Unaware of the disturbance at the Capitoline, Ysadora walked to an open air terrace near the main river, bordering one side of the city. The air was fresh, and the evening announced itself to be of a perfect warmness. A waiter saluted her, and gallantly guided her toward a table at the far end of the terrace. Ysadora suddenly felt more nervous than she wished, and she made sure that her attire (the same black dress of her mission, but without the necklace; she didn’t wished any distraction toward her ‘bosoms’, as she amusingly remembered Daniel’s explanation) was proper, as well as her makeup unsmudged by her earlier persuasive meeting with the investor.
Upon her arrival at the table, Abraham, dressed in a more casual suit, without a tie and his shirt slightly unbuttoned in response to the heat of the evening, rose from his seat to welcome her. They clumsily greeted each other with clumsy pecks on the cheeks, and Abr
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 22
Dangerous Variable
The sun was setting upon the Capitoline, when a knock was heard upon Randall’s office door, and when he opened it, Daniel and Scott entered. Although the former was his usual cool, emotionless self, the latter was clearly shaken.
“Randall, we’ve got a huge problem!” Scott exclaimed, his orange hair even more spiky and uncombed from agitation.
“I am sorry for the interruption, sir, but Mr. Johnson requested to see you immediately, even before Miss Dawn returned from her meeting,” Daniel apologized.
“What is it, Scott?” Randall sighed. “I am rather busy…”
“The two strangers that disrupted the Plaza, yesterday, and that I apprehended last afternoon…”
“What about them? You know that I do not care for such trivial issues. That is why you are here,” Randall impatiently dismissed, returning to his desk in a manner that suggested he didn’t wan
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 21
The 12th Queen
Another night fell upon Kansas, as the siblings got begrudgingly persuaded by their friend to try again their simulated scenario. Gabzryel set up his lab, entered the coordinates, and sat back in his chair, sipping a soda.
Madzistrale and Tom found themselves once more in the Plaza where they saved a man from a beating. They decided to hang about the plaza, get to know a bit more of this world’s history.
A pop-like music station was playing, as a supposedly relaxing background for the shoppers and the workers. When the clock struck three of the afternoon, the station passed to the news segment, and a holographic screen appear on a window-less side of a building facing the plaza. Two newscasters smiled pleasantly, and for this moment, the crowd at the Plaza stopped in their tracks to listen. Many were whispering excitedly, and the siblings understood that they were expecting good news from this growing and popular AAP party.
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 20
Ysadora knocked on Randall’s door office, and on his invitation, she entered. Soon after the incident between Abraham Solomon and the two hitman, she called him to warn him of the situation, and he requested her help. Randall was waiting by the window, and when she entered, he turned to her urgently.
“I will send you on a small mission. There is an investor that is essential to fund Abraham’s plan, but he has some... hesitations, even with my assurances.”
“So he needs to be persuaded,” Ysadora guessed with a corner smile.
“Yes. We need this to go well; Abraham’s plan must be put to use as soon as possible in order to advance our mission.”
“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of this,” Ysadora reassured him, as he gave her the address. “Has Scott contacted you yet?”
“No; he must be doing his usual routine with the newcomers,” Randall distractedly ans
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 19
The Strange Officer
A chime was heard, and Frank Cooper dried his hands on the towel around his neck, and walked to the door, opening it. Before him stood a tall man in a silver-grey uniform, almost military in style and look.
“Are you Frank Cooper, sir?” the stranger asked with a monotonic Britannian accent.
Frank’s two sons suddenly burst out laughing from the living room about something between them, and Frank shout back, a bit worried about the stranger:
“Kids, please keep quiet and go to your rooms!”
“Yes Dad!” the kids giggled, and ran up the stairs, still laughing with one another.
“Sorry about...” Frank began to apologize to the stranger.
“Are you Frank Cooper, sir?” the man cut and asked in the exact same way.
“Yes, yes I am,” Frank replied, slightly taken aback.
“Here is my usual I.D, Mr. Cooper. I am Daniel Fitzgerald from the Columbus Police,” the man sa
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 18
The Old Order
The clock stroke 14:00, and the cameras turned on. It was time for another publicized presidential meeting. The chatter around the meeting table diminished when the door opened, and Abraham entered briskly.
“I hope I’m not late. My watch keeps on malfunctioning, and gives me odd hours, every time,” he apologized, sitting on the only empty chair, by Randall’s side.
The meeting office was now filled with almost entirely new recruits from Randall’s own council, picked by Abraham the day before. Abraham noticed that the old man seemed very pleased with whom he chose, so he considered it as a test well passed.
Seemingly more at ease with his new position, President Bohm cleared his throat, and the room became silent, beside of the sound of the camera rails.
“Some of you may see that my council has undergone deep and fast reshaping. An entire council replaced in a day,” Bohm began, for the survivors of th
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 17
Rough Start
“Am I okay, am I okay?!” Madzistrale panicked while Tom held her tight, back in Gabzryel’s laboratory.
“Yes, you’re okay, Mad,” Gabzryel repeated for the dozen time. “Injuries sustained in other realms don’t affect your real body. Technically, you could have gone on and sustained more slashes. As long your real body isn’t present, you won’t die, and you won’t have any real injuries.”
“Did you saw that punch?!” Tom asked, shocked. “I never hit that hard.”
“You will find that strength and many other abilities are different,” Gabzryel explained, with an air of an occult teacher.
“Well that was a rough start,” Tom accused his friend.
“Don’t look at me, apparently it's the best place to start testing your heroic abilities,” Gabzryel defended himself.
“Why have you even picked that place? And how?” To
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 16
The Disappearance
Madzistrale and Tom put their feet upon the first patch of grass since the moment they arrived in this strange city. The space they found themselves standing upon was very large; grass, ornamental bushes, and trees as far the eyes could see. The towers stopped there, and their shadows barely touched the ground. A few hundred yards from where the siblings were standing, stood a large building, looking very much to be an important building. Strangely, no one had yet stopped them, which surprised Madzistrale and Tom. With a determined resolve, they started once more toward the paved way to the entrance. A figure coming from the back of the park also embarked upon the pavement, and upon seeing them, halted in order to talk with them when they approached.
“Hello, strangers,” the man greeted the siblings.
He was quite a unique sight. Relatively young, slightly older than the siblings, he was rather small, arriving at Tom’s s
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 15
Knuckle Sandwich
“Good afternoon, Mr. Solomon,” a Capitoline secretary greeted Abraham as he arrived into the Hall, returning from his lunch break.
“Good morning, Mrs. Williams. Any message from the President or Mr. Redspear?”
“No sir,” she answered after quickly verifying.
“Thank you.”
“Have a nice day, Mr. Solomon,” she flashed him an inviting smile.
“You too, Mrs. Williams,” Abraham answered, hiding his annoyance at her subtle intentions.
As he went to climb the main spiralling stairs, leading to the above stories and his office, his instincts warned him of a danger. Pretending to stop to look at his watch, as if to verify, he took the opportunity to look around him. His keen eyes fell at last upon the waiting section of the hall, where two men were seated. Dark suits, their briefcases at their side, they could have passed for ordinary business men waiting for a meeting. But subtl
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 14
Ysadora was reading the morning news when a knock was heard on her office door, and Daniel presented himself with his usual monotonic voice.
“Come in,” she invited him.
He was carrying a pile of folders, and he put them down slowly on her glass table.
“The documents you requested, ma’am; the compilation of all the actions, investments and vices of our current and past council members and investors.”
“You’re fast, as always,” Ysadora complimented him, sifting quickly through the names.
“May I ask the purpose of this compilation, ma’am?” he asked, a hint of curiosity showing through his impassible face.
“The plan is starting to enter its final stage. I need insurances against anyone who will rise against us to tear it down,” Ysadora explained.
“Why is the population not happy, ma’am? Are you not offering them security on all vital aspects of their life?
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The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday - Chapter 13
The Superiors
Randall walked out of the Capitoline, and briefly pausing, he let out a relieved sigh. Investors were the worst to manage, but luckily he knew how to play his cards, and he felt lucky to also have Abraham helping. This man’s mastery in psychology was a huge asset, and he was feeling more and more happy to have him in his plan, even if for the moment in a minor role.
Still, these kinds of meetings were his least favourite tasks to take care of. He breathed the warm air, and resumed walking toward the parking lot, where he spotted his car, standing out from the other governmental ones by its fuseled yet elegant Evropan look, black with tasteful touches of gold.
Not one second after he sat in the cat, closed the conductor door and started the engine, his front passenger door opened and a peculiar man sat down beside him. Randall knew better than to letting show he got startled by the newcomer’s sudden entrance into his car.
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2018 SS3 Reviews+Awards | 2018 SS4 Contest Begins!
A big round of applause :clap: to our 2018 SS3 writers clara-01 & weyrwoman-lessa for their entries, which are located at >
Beneath the reviews and awards is the announcement for the next Contest!!!
SS3 Reviews:
"The Demon of Saint-Eli” by clara-01 at 9,993 words
Mélodie Rivers brings us her rendition of the Baron's Masquerade in this steampunk scifi-fantasy.  Usually I take notes while reading and compile them into a review at the end, but this time I read straight through because it reminded me of a layered cake, and I wanted to understand what each layer was made of before passing any judgements.  First and foremost, the first sentence was a doozie.  While the flowery language lends itself well to the theme, it is important to make sure one doesn't over do it.  Run on sentences are especially notorious in more poetic compositi
:iconwriters-guild-da:Writers-Guild-DA 2 3
Lady Maria by wlop Lady Maria :iconwlop:wlop 7,020 106
Can I - Do I ?
Okay so a goal that I had from the beginning of this year was to finish writing something and get it published by the end of the year.
Writing is done, now I need to proofread and edit.  I'd like to say I'm alright at picking out my own mistakes.  And I'm not saying anything about quantity because after correcting 20 pages out of a 42 page document there are some that I've marked clear - no glaring mistakes.  The quality of the mistakes on the other hand make me question my capabilities.  I have to untangle some sentences into something that's actually readable and understandable.
Aside from that there have been some shortcomings mentioned.Oskar is the main character of the story, and an apprentice under a master watchsmith named Claus.  The nature of the relationship is that Claus plays a large role in developing Oskar's capabilities; the story focused more on Oskar being capable and Claus treating him poorly ("four pages in and I hate Claus
:iconsteve-c2:Steve-C2 1 3
The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser PART TWO

The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser


“You look gorgeous, Hana-sama.”
“Yeah, I got eyes, too.” Hana ignores his hand as it drifts from his side to link fingertips; she folds her arms. “You wanted to talk, so talk. For all the good it’ll do you.”
“Will you at least let me explain?’
“Oh, can you repeat that, sir? I think I had a jackass in my ear.”
“I’m not goin’ through this again, an’ I aint’ leavin this time, Hana: not until you hear me out.”
 Hana stamps to a halt and leans on her hip. “Alright, jackass. Let’s hear you bray.”
Yuuto slowly inhales. “He was off to fight in a war, the farmer I met…”
At a crossroad, the man, his too-big armor rusted through, awkwardly lowered his hand from his face, and, with both hands cupped over his mouth, shouted:
 “Hey!” Yuuto bli
:iconthe-psychonaut:The-Psychonaut 2 11
The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser
This is the first of several legends about a sword smith who defies Death and vexes the Heavens, all in the name of love. Our story begins with Yuuto, the sword smith and his engagement to Hana, the shrine maiden of Yamamoto village.
The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser 
Dusk sifts through the autumn leaves, illuminating their skeletons, dying his hands in shades of gold as Yuuto’s fingers deftly knit and pile together, wrapping the hilt of the katana. Licking his lips, he stares out anxiously at the sun, already beginning to thin behind the mountains surrounding the village. The trees in his yard rattle in the breeze, the wind causing the parched thatch on his roof to gently sigh.
 Capping the sword’s hilt, he runs a bandaged hand, spotted red and burnt, over the gleaming lacquer; he frowns absently as his fingertips interrogate the finish, careful of any imperfections. Satisfied, he unsheathes the katana, lowering its flashing steel into the sha
:iconthe-psychonaut:The-Psychonaut 2 7
Spiritdragon - NOVEL- Sample Chapters by TheCreatorsEye Spiritdragon - NOVEL- Sample Chapters :iconthecreatorseye:TheCreatorsEye 36 4 Bueaty in Death by Aura-Dawn Bueaty in Death :iconaura-dawn:Aura-Dawn 22 11 1 by Aura-Dawn 1 :iconaura-dawn:Aura-Dawn 23 12 tree in winter by Aura-Dawn tree in winter :iconaura-dawn:Aura-Dawn 16 17
A moment of Inspiration
              A moment of Inspiration
I watch the stars of heaven twinkle in your eyes
for they are as lovely there as in the skies
I feel the warmth of your embrace
enhanced much by the smile upon your face
As I feel your fingers moving down my spine
I know through your touch that you are mine
You lower your lips so that ours will meet
through that meeting your love has deeply seeped
Your love has penetrated my heart
for which I will always hold and never let it part
Forever in life it will always be me and you
Our love always fresh as the morning dew.
Yes my dearest, what I feel and say is true
it will always be just me and you.
I know we will never be far apart
for nothing could tear your love from my heart.
I wrote this not so long ago
for what lies ahead, we never know
today, I kneal at your stone
So cold and all alone.
By Yui 2002
last stansa added, 2011 translated to English 2011
:iconaura-dawn:Aura-Dawn 7 10
When Our Eyes First Met
The day our eyes met, we knew our destiny
You gave me a rose, I gave you an orchid
You willingly shared your caravel tickets
I cared our initial in that old tree down past the thicket
Though the years were short, our love grew even more
Long moon lite strolls along the beach
You were always there, always within reach
sometime you shared my bed, other times you slept on the floor.
Both of us had busy lives, not much time to spare
Your job sent you here, while mine sent me there
Still no matter how far we were apart,
our love always flared deep in our heart
In each other we found our hopes and dreams
forever to be together or so it seems
the day was for our second love that kept us apart,
but the night was for you and I and matters of the heart
Holding each other gently deep into the morning hours.
We shared something between us that was only ours
As I held you close watching you drift off to sleep
I locked you love away for it would always be mine to keep
To spend a life time in your ar
:iconaura-dawn:Aura-Dawn 9 18
158 - Totodile by TsaoShin 158 - Totodile :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,913 160 Anima: Ophiel the fallen Angel by Wen-M Anima: Ophiel the fallen Angel :iconwen-m:Wen-M 12,762 892 The Fallen by John-Stone-Art The Fallen :iconjohn-stone-art:John-Stone-Art 773 41 Fallen Angel by DiegoGisbertLlorens Fallen Angel :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 809 19 fallen angel by 6vladimira6 fallen angel :icon6vladimira6:6vladimira6 188 21



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Hi guys/gals!
So as the title says, my website is currently down for remodeling. 
Just a warning for whoever access it and look at a bizarre site. :D

Once it will be up again, it will however be a massive upgrade to my previous site.

My previous offer is still up: if you have novels or art that you wish to see published somewhere, it will be my pleasure to consider it. :).  Just send me a Note, and I'll review your request. :heart:

Well, until next time, have a great week!


clara-01's Profile Picture
Mélodie Rivers
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a Canadian writer on the verge of publishing an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy short stories, and a trilogy sci-fi novel.

These stories and books will be free, open-source, and free of all copyright. The only thing I ask is that you credit me if you do share and copy my works, and that no modifications is done to the stories.

A big fan of Tolkien, Asimov, and Doctor Who, I try to make my stories as hopeful and light as possible, with always a spot of light shining through the growing darkness. I believe the world needs to hope again, and I hope I can help spread those naive and foolish hopes and dreams of mine.

Beside being a writer, I am also slowly learning photo-manipulation.

Now on Wattpad:…
Please help support me by putting your votes and comments there! :heart:

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