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Please no:
  • Tarzan riding full metal armor dinosaur yelling "I love sushi"
  • Full robot
  • Original character interacts with famous anime/manga/comic characters.

Please read carefully before commissioning. (2022 update)


  • When sending the reference/description, please describe it clearly and use as many pictures/photos as possible.
  • The waiting time depends on the queue (up to 3 months+). Once I start working on your order, it may take around 5 days for a head-shot and 3 weeks for a full-body commission to be finished, the status will be updated regularly at my page.
  • You can request a priority commission with specific deadlines. Priority fee is 50% of the base price.
  • Please don't hesitate to ask if your order is none of the types listing here. You can link to my gallery for exampling of what you expect.
  • I always save the detailed step by step pictures, so after the painting you commission is finished, feel free to ask for it if you’re interested in seeing the making process.


  • Your name:
  • Paypal email:
  • Commission Type: 
  • Total cost:

  • Character name:
  • Link to your character's images:
  • Description of character: (age, personality, background story, etc.)
  • Notes: (optional)


* For personal use only.
* Commercial commission (book cover, poster illustration, game character concept design...) please contact me for the rate.



More detailed, lights, environment effect.

A. Portrait: (chest-up)
$150 + free decorative background, one character only
+$20 for specific background request
[COMM] - Stained Memories II by Claparo-Sans L08 by Claparo-Sans [COMM] - Matteo Olani by Claparo-Sans

B. Half body: (waist-up)
$300 (depends on how complicated your character is) + free decorative background
+$200 for every additionally interactive character
+$60 for specific background request
Lana's City by Claparo-Sans Amaterasu Okami by Claparo-Sans Christmas Ahri by Claparo-Sans

C. Full body: (not available at the moment)
$500 + free decorative background
+ $400 for every additionally interactive character
+ $100 for specific background request
Howl by Claparo-Sans [Arcadia's Ignoble Knight] Erica by Claparo-Sans [COMM] - Dzohir by Claparo-Sans



Character only, no background.

A. Black and White:
  • Headshot $50
  • Half body $80
  • Full body $110

B. Color:
  • Headshot $100
  • Half body $160
  • Full body $220


- Currency: U.S.Dollars
- Paypal only. Full payment's in advance. I will send an invoice to confirm your order.
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I wanted to double check since this journal is older - are you currently open or accepting places on wait list? Thank you!