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Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 24, 2017, 9:17 AM

Happy Holidays, everyone~
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with memories you'll always treasure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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[2017] OCTOBER rewards preview

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 23, 2017, 3:28 PM
Hi guys ~
Here's the preview of the next rewards batch for my patrons (register before October 1st 2017)
You can read more about the content here:…

Thank you so much for all the supports! :heart:

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(CLOSED) Headshot commission

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 13, 2017, 4:55 PM
Thank you so much for your support!
See you next time ~

[COMM] Ink Headshots by Claparo-Sans



I'm taking commission orders - headshot only. (black and white inking)
Please check here for more info:…

Thanks! ^__^/
Waiting list
✓: paid
Star!: done

  1. DoctorYuriStar!
  2. dirtydickdurbin Star!
  3. starcaIler Star!
  4. Lanternkitten
  5. Eris-KaiStar!
  6. Nomakai Star!
  7. 3ntf4k3dStar!
  8. PreciseMoon Star!
  9. deadlydesire3Star!
  10. thetamecrow Star!
  11. ZokurobiStar!
  12. YumiTheVampyStar!
  13. Alice Van Corvusia Star!
  14. FelindrinaStar!
  15. Jose Hernandez JrStar!
  16. OMEJISStar!Star!
  17. Minato-Kushina Star!Star!
  18. ChaosKillerX7Star!
  19. Guro-qu
  20. NashatalStar!
  21. CrusnikCrimsonRose Star!
  22. Liam O'Brien Star!
  23. yj-leeStar!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!
  24. MMHinmanStar!

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(Closed)Valentine commission - 2 slots

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2017, 10:40 PM

For this upcoming Valentine day, I'm opening up 2 slots for commissioning.
The basic price is $630 (included fee) and payment in advance via Paypal. You can order portrait or half-body (as above), one single character or 2 interactive characters.
Send me a note to claim a slot if you're interested in ~



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[Closed] - Commission Auction

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 6:42 AM

Hello everyone,
Hope you all have a happy holiday!
This time I’m holding another commission auction, for one slot only : ) Hope it’s gonna be a meaningful New Year gift for both you and me.
Please read below for more information about the auction/commission before joining:

Luna by Claparo-Sans Amaterasu Okami by Claparo-Sans

- Portrait or half-body painting as your choice. One character or couple. Personal use only.
- I won't draw full robot, other than that you can order anything.
- The painting will be finished within 1-2 weeks after the winner send me their order.
- Please be sure you can make the payment via Paypal within 24 hours. If the highest bidder fails to send the payment via Paypal after 24 hours, the second highest bidder will win the commission slot.

Ending time: Thursday, 29 DECEMBER 2016  |  Countdown (ICT)

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[closed] - Commission Auction

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2016, 12:55 PM
Hi everyone,

Well... though people around me were so annoyed by the whines about my old computer, but because of so many distractions every month, I still haven't actually upgraded to a new one yet.
But yesterday, that poor old pal showed some dangerous signals, the computer will kick the bucket if I keep abusing it with my messy working schedule... OTL

So I'm holding this quick auction for one commission slot.

Luna by Claparo-Sans Maerin by Claparo-Sans

- Portrait or half-body painting as your choice. Personal use only.
- I won't draw full robot, other than that you can order anything ~
- The painting will be finished within 1-2 weeks after the winner send me their order.
- Please be sure you can make the payment via Paypal within 24 hours. If the highest bidder fails to send the payment via Paypal after 24 hours, the second highest bidder will win the commission slot.

Ending time: Friday, 18 NOVEMBER 2016  |  Countdown:…

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My patreon page announce

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2016, 8:35 AM


So, I open Patreon again, though I have a journal about deleting my Patreon before ...OTL the old journal is still there because I want to keep all the useful and super nice comments of you guys. I’m sorry about the awkwardness of this journal if any.

For the last few months, I had been supporting other artists on Patreon and kinda figured out how it worked. Now I decide to give it a try.
I’m working hard on commissions and struggling for time for my personal artworks, you still see me update the new artworks here on Deviantart, if you enjoy my works and want to support me to keep creating pretty stuffs, please check my Patreon:

Your helps mean a lot to me, thank you so much for supporting.


.:Bullet:. PatreonPATREON:

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Photoshop speed painting video

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2016, 2:14 PM

This is a personal challenge: 1-2 hours each day to draw a small piece that makes me happy ~ I'll try to update the artworks at my Facebook page at least every 2 days. Visit me here if you're interested in:

The full size, layered psd file (+line art), and video of this piece is now available at my Gumroad store:, you can down load them all for free : )

Thanks for views and enjoy :'D


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Facebook + Twitter update

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 13, 2016, 1:18 AM

Follow my Twitter at:


Hello ~

Some people have asked me about Facebook Fanpage before, but I don’t actually use FB (only have an account to play mobile games X’D). Plus I’m not only super lazy, I’m also kind of social anxiety (not really anxiety, more like...panic!)...

Anyway, today that crazy lady NanFe told me about this topic again, so I decided to create a Fanpage, I’ll try to be more social : (

If you don’t mind my unlikable awkward personality, feel free to stop by and say hi or ask silly question, here we go: (I will post my sketches, WIPs, doodles and stuffs ~)

This page is new, I may re-upload some of my old artworks so the content won’t look too empty.

Nice day, you guys :wave:

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Fake account warning!

Journal Entry: Thu May 12, 2016, 11:05 AM
*Update September 25:
Hi my friends~

Last update I promise.
First I want to apologize for wasting your time being dragged into this silly case, and I can never thank you enough for all the helps you guys did! (I want to mention your names here but because someone told me they may get into trouble and become the next target of those leisured thieves...) >__< So please understand that I appreciate what you did!

I've sent the reports to DA staff, but it'd take quite a long time for them to read (guess they must receive a ton of reports everyday), meanwhile the thief has changed their action and... doing weird. Well, I don't know why and don't really care.

I love to draw, sharing art and knowing that people enjoy your works is one of the happy things of being an artist. So I won't let some random lowlife effect my feeling, perhaps I should just go heavier on the water-mark/signature.
Anyway, I did all I can (not much though haha), now just wait if the staff will ban that thief (?). If not, it doesn't matter ~

Hope you have a nice day, I'm gonna back to creating art!

Phong Anh

*Update September 23:
I've reported but seems like DA staff won't solve this case any soon. Last time it took them a whole week to reply my report and they didn't actually do anything, it was all because of the help of you guys comment/reply to that thief's page so they had no choice but deactivate the account themselves.

So at least please help me by replying to people who got fooled by that thief, I have no idea why such an obvious thief still hasn't been banned yet.

It hurts to see my artworks which I spent all my life time and effort to, got dropped/cut into pieces. And some people who gave that thief :+fav: and compliments don't even care about who's the original artist, they just randomly see a picture and save.

I really appreciate all your help, I'm trying to avoid stress these days because of the overload works and lack of sleeping. Really don't have time to be dragged into that drama... Just hope I won't collapse.

I'll update more later.

Thank you.


*Update September 22:
I really hate doing this but it happened again. <--- Fake account, thief.

This person stole my artworks and also removed my watermarks. Just to warn you guys please don't be fooled.
Thanks to "S" for letting me know timely.

*Update May 14:
Yes~ Thank you all for your help the thief has deactivated his account before getting banned. I'm not sure if they'll come back, and another artist may be the next "prey" (...) So please be careful!
Thank you so much for your time!

. <--- not me LOL

This person mimicked my nickname, and used the same avatar to make others confuse him as me. He's uploading all my works to his "gallery".
I don't really understand the new report system of Deviantart, how to report a person for pretending to be someone else? since this situation isn't considered as "art thief". (not mentioning the report steps are annoying! = =' )

Anyway, just want to warn you guys before things get serious, please don't be fooled by these types of people. Be careful about new members and the ones you're gonna support!

Thank you and have a nice day!


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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 5:45 AM
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    Ten years!

  2. What does your username mean?
    Clap was from Clapika, my favorite character from HunterXHunter (when the manga was first time published in my country, they set Kurapika as Clapika)
    A few years later, the arrogant kid in me realized his talent and wanted to be called "Clap pro" :'P which sounds like Claparo.
    Sans simply means saint, it was a joke of my co-workers at old company, for some funny reason they call me "saint" (...) Don't want to explain or I'll have more haters T__T

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Fat. Lazy. Genius = ))

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed.

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Juliet-01 by Claparo-Sans

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    I have been through many types for a living. But after all, the final goal is Comics.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Martial art. (to the thief that took away my macbook and cellphone last 2 months: You'll see! = =t)

  8. What was your first favourite?
    I still remember it was a picture of a pale little boy in black, looking over his shoulder. It haunted me the early days at Deviantart, the artist deleted her gallery and deactivated her account. Fortunately, I still keep the save in my PC.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Artworks with calm colors, and funny things. Oh actually, I tend to favorite "pretty face".

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    If I must choose just only one, definitely rogner5th!

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Watching their works everyday reminds me, no matter how hard I try it's never diligent enough. They make me feel like a lazy ass...

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    My sketchbook and pencils.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Living 24/7 in a hot, noisy city... To me, anywhere that has temperature under 30°C and quiet is heavenly inspirational enough.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    When they banned many popular artists for no reason... at April's fool, it was heart-attack!

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Deleted Patreon

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 10:52 PM

The page was deleted, because I really don't like the idea that someone instead of supporting the artists, took advantage of them. They jumped in, had access to download everything and then just simply jumped out.
Sorry I've canceled my Patreon page, all the nice patrons who pledged won't be charged. I rather keep doing my personal works and share with my friends for free : )

Nice day.

[OFFLINE] Streaming

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 10:39 AM
Thank you for watching, see you next time ^__^/

Join me here:…

It was legendary!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 20, 2015, 4:01 AM

I was drawing, happily drawing... and then the power suddenly turned off. Now my .psd file went total blank and Photoshop keeps saying "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file". How cute.
The legend said no one has ever found how to fix this problem. After a whole afternoon just sitting there and staring at the screen, now I have to accept the truth my drawing, which I spent 3 days working, has gone forever.

*mood down*




Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 24, 2015, 8:41 PM


Hello my friends,

I'm writing this journal because the founder of Clash-Of-The-Titans, primalfuryan has kindly asked for help.

As some of you may know, Clash-Of-The-Titans is an art group that has a considerable amount of members. For 5 years active, the group has kept promoting potential artists get noticed, as well as bringing you guys their best enjoyable artworks.
But up til now, the group has ran out of membership for 2 months. Clash-Of-The-Titans needs your help to be brought back to its original form and place. If you have excess money and willing to donate, primalfuryan has started a donation pool at his profile page for donors.
You can also help the group a lot by telling your friends about the idea.

Thank you for your time reading this.

Have a nice day!

Commissions (closed) ~

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2014, 3:53 PM
*Update June 30:

Alright friends ~
The commissions are closed now. Thank you so so so much for your support! Now I need to finish the current waiting-list before starting a new turn. See you again next time~ ♥


*Update June 29:
It's been a long time since my commissions were available, I was deeply sunk in deadlines and my full time job last year that I barely took commission orders.
Since my time is quite loose now I can take a few commissions before the schedule hits again (or I'd fall into an infinite laziness if not doing something...)

So, just to let you know that the commissions are open now, if you're interested in, take a look at… for more information and contact me to order!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Limited commission - Headshot $30 (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 5, 2013, 6:52 AM

I'm opening quick commissions, headshot drawing with limited slots.
If you're interested in, fill this form to order:…

D 'n' R by Claparo-Sans
- Semi realistic style, monochrome with eyes-color highlighted
- Photoshop CS

Have fun! : )

Please check your order's status here:…

Beginners Guide to Creating Manga Art

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 11:10 AM

Hi guys,

The "Beginner's Guide to Creating Manga Art", which I had an honor to participate in, is now on pre-order and will be released around 14th March 2013.

This book features many interesting tips and detailed tutorials from talent artists, starting from basic character design and progressing to full color images, in an increasingly popular art form Manga.

The price is £15.99 and the first 200 pre-orders will get an A5 Sketchbook and Mechanical pencil. Get your copy now at:…


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Secret Santa 2012 Wishlist

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 18, 2012, 11:53 AM
--- :iconsecret-santa2012: ---

Thanks to secret-santa2012 for inviting me to the event this year, it's my honor to be there with so many artists that I admire.

So, dear my secret Santa, here is my wishlist for you~
I would like you to draw my original character Elpis in a red dress (or white, whatever you feel comfortable :'D ), please feel free to make-up her accessories a little bit as you want.

Elpis is some kind of an Ancient Greek goddess. She's very gentle, has a sweet personality and the nicest femininity as much as can be. But as a daughter of Mars she is also a strong warrior. Her dress in the normal condition is pure white, but it will slowly turn into the color of blood when fighting.

Hair/eyes color: Sorrel, kinda red brown.
Weapon: Steel claw (quite similar to Wolverine's claw)
You can check here for more images of her:…

Sorry I don't have other options, since this is the only character I really want to see how she would turn out in the other artist's style.

Thanks ~ ♥

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