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May 21, 2009
Watercolor Tutorial by =Clap-san is a gorgeous step by step walk through where this talented member has been kind enough to share his creative techniques.I am sure this will benefit and inspire many that create with this medium.
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Suggested by cinqvingtetun
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Watercolor Tutorial

Since some people asked for my watercolor tutorial, I decided to make one. This is my very first attempt at making tutorial, you guys shouldn't laugh or scorn... - -'
Anyway, I hope this will be useful : )

The finished one here: [link]

And specially thank ~Cadybrille for translating this ♥



Edit: I want to express my thanks to ~cinqvingtetun and ^znow-white for your suggestion and choice for DD. You're so kind. I'm very happy . Thanks a lot! ♥

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XCrissa-ChanX's avatar
Hey, what does it mean when you use PS to ''heal'' the colour? :D 
I do traditional art sometimes too but I'm not that good. 
Yura-chan's avatar
great tutorial XD
brimst0ner's avatar
Wow, this is such a detailed tutorial. I love it!! 
Luwyn's avatar
I've read everything and then, see the date when it was submit : 2009 and this is still gorgeous ! ^^
Andaelentari's avatar
oh this was so helpful, thank you! :clap:
MonkiBear114's avatar
thanks for this it will help a lot. keep up the good work :judge:
Birisi6th's avatar
Really thanks for the tutorial. ^^
ChikaLeDia's avatar
... nhin no va nghi minh ve......... muri
That was awesome :D I love it!
Jaykrass's avatar
Do you have any for photoshop?
tcarroll12's avatar
your level of detail is insane.
B3LL4TRIX's avatar
I have found my saviour...
Colutea's avatar
Thanks for sharing this tutorial!
14iv19's avatar
Cool thanks for the tutorial!
RandomPri's avatar
Holly sh*t! This is AWESOME! 8D
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
Hey, I found this tutorial a long time ago before I was on DeviantArt, and I used it as a guide to help me improve my watercolor skills.

So thanks for making this. I found it very useful. Love 
emo-cindysk's avatar
I must say your tissue is like either from Macau n Hong Kong. But love anybody who draw this good
Sweet-toffee85's avatar
amazing tutorial! Love Love 
DopeHat6's avatar
Wow thank you so much for this amazing tutorial! Probably the best I've ever seen! So very helpful! Can't wait to get out my pencil and watercolors! Just wish I had a lightbox now instead of tracing paper! :)
FlameLuke's avatar
This is beautiful! It's Amazing!!! And very helpfull Thank you *Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 
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