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P - 09122015

Something to test Photoshop recording, you can watch the video progress here:…
Done by Photoshop CC.

Thanks for views : )


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He suddenly caught my eye ♥.♥
Keila-Nt's avatar
darkyson's avatar
Ah and thank for the download  ◠‿◠
darkyson's avatar
Very beautiful and cool ◠‿◠
IceBrier's avatar
this is awesome!
Blue-Anima's avatar
subtle and beautiful... very well done! 
LyricSaige928's avatar
I like the reflection of the heat shining off her hair! It has a dark and evil feeling to it, that's what makes it cool.
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Thanks for posting the process video, but it left me wondering about the brush settings you were using. Have you gone into more detail on those? I wouldn't be surprised if they're fairly standard brushes, but it'd be nice to know for sure. I like how this image has just about the right amount of texture, the brush marks aren't too rough, but things aren't too smooth either.
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such gorgeous lighting and colouring~! *o*
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The limited palette used really gives the character a personality. Great job!
preconceived-notion's avatar
Wow, I love the lighting on this one! 
Seth-Krusnik's avatar
he looks like a ball jointed doll <3
Claparo-Sans's avatar
Looks like my bjd for exact :'P
Seth-Krusnik's avatar
Nice!!! Could you post a pic of your bjd? would be interesting to see both the doll and your drawing :)
Kaotic-Cass's avatar
So beautiful, the red plays so well. :heart:
UsagiYogurt's avatar
The read highlights in his hair are quite striking in the piece.
peril-clay's avatar
Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
DrawWithNessie's avatar
That is a very long earring. It must be very heavy. Anyway, I love his hair!
Nortstar's avatar
he look so awosme :) great work :clap:
Silverbang's avatar
art like yours make me want to draw semi realism! :)
brontolona's avatar
great work! *v*
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