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*Character info:
NeleThe cheerful arche

She’s the daughter of a wealthy landlord. Born and raised inside a fancy castle, she knows nothing about the outside world, she started her adventure to learn about people, magic, and everything that can make her a meritorious heir to rule her land and help her people.

With her sweet personality, she always keeps a smile,  influencing people around her to feel happy wherever she comes.


My favorite class when playing MMORPG is archer.
To me the most joyful stage of the game is the beginning, when we're all at low level :'P So I want to draw this character as a novice archer, simple design and looks innocent~ :innocent: 

Done with Photoshop CS and fake-pencil brush made by me X'D

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I love her design and my name is Nele omg *-* <3
Child-of-Lightning's avatar
She's absolutely beautiful!
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Solid character design with clean detail and a cute face to top  it off :)
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Archer is my favorite class also!! Also de thief/assassin :P
Great design! I can see it in a MMORPG.
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Great art, but why the hell would you put a thimble on your pinky finger instead of your pointer finger? LOL.
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I can Make a render from you art?
Claparo-Sans's avatar
Please do not render my works, thank you : )
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Wow this is really good 
Virus-Tormentor's avatar
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Love it! Great design! Very cute and detailed. ^o^
Her hair style is adorable ~<333
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aryaplus9's avatar
cuteness overload XD
Kyaserin-Sama's avatar
She's absolutely adorable!
Nortstar's avatar
she look so cute ^^
DestinieKirby's avatar
Such an awesome and fun looking character! Excellent clothing design, and you can see her personality shining through every inch of her. Great work! :D
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DrawWithNessie's avatar
Her outfit is phenomenal! It looks like a mix between steampunk and fantasy.
sochiko's avatar
The design reminds me of Ragnarok. :) but yes this is awesome~
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
Omg she's adorable!! >u<
I love her outfit! :heart:
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