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Mystic Messenger - 707

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Mystic Messenger - Yoosung by Claparo-SansMystic Messenger - Zen by Claparo-SansMystic Messenger - Jumin Han by Claparo-Sans


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Walleris's avatar
Seven is so handsome ! *__* You did a really good job on the coloring especially the hair
Kaangore's avatar
dynosuar's avatar
cool, looks like Nishiki from Tokyo Ghoul, but your guy actually cute. not that Nishiki doesn't in his own way, yours just looks awesome-er
sosu-san's avatar
my eyes and soul have been blessed
CamilaPerruelo's avatar
wapfojawopjfpawjf i love it * - *
OnlySlightlyDemonic's avatar
Wait... aren't you the one that got Zen Kun 2 strikes on youtube? WTF?
211darkness's avatar
Amazing work!!! 
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jupiter-boy's avatar
d a m n   h e   f i n e
ResVeeF's avatar
It looks amazing! These strokes are shocked! Memorable. I like it. Hard work! How many hours did it take?It looks amazing! Awesome! Bravo!Clap Please kill me///
Kantella-KEP's avatar
Perrrrrfect!!!!!!!! 707 is amaaaazing!!!!! Love this art!!!!!
VirtualPreston's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
puffpastries's avatar
I have been blessed
puffpastries's avatar
omg, I was on mobile and i thought i made a new comment but apparently it made me reply to your comment? damn you mobile, making everything awkward
VirtualPreston's avatar
Really? I see it as a the way, nice icon!
puffpastries's avatar
I meant to make a new comment but sometimes mobile glitches out and it replies to someone else's existing comment, instead of posting a new one

thanke ^v^
toraf's avatar
Aww yes, that's just beautiful. 707 Mystic Messenger 9 
BubblegumBogan's avatar
:heart: excellent piece!
Purpsi's avatar
i want anime of mystic messenger[ YURI ON ICE ] Happy Birthday Viktor ! [ YURI ON ICE ] Happy Birthday Viktor ! 
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