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Lightning - Steps

The finished picture here:
Lightning by Claparo-Sans

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Your style is Amazing! :D
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looks great! I love the dynamic pose,
thanks for posting the steps, I love seeing this sort of stuff :) (Smile) 
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If its ok for me to ask a few questions, when you are going from greyscale to adding color, what are you doing to add color on top of the greyscale? After adding color, are you painting on top of those layers? I've been trying to come up with a less cluttered way of painting digitally, I would greatly appreciate it if you are able to answer the questions.
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I often make upper layers as Overlay/Soft Light/Color, or color it directly on grey-scale layer with blending mode brush, then merge them all (except the sword and cape) and do the shading. It's more comfortable (...for my computer...) working on one layer. Hope this helps : )
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Ok thanks, I forgot that the brush can be set to blending mode as well.
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Hey, I'm not Claparo-Sans of course, but I'd guess that she's using either an "overlay" layer on top of the grey layer (directly above it), or a "color" layer, then using additional "normal" layers to finish painting in the colors.. 
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Ah ok thanks for the response.
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The sense of action is beautiful!
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That is too cool. Amazing work! :clap:
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it's nice to see the steps of this beautiful art !I am a dummy!
great job Clap Heart 
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