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Levi - Steps

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Levi by Claparo-Sans
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This is super cool! :heart:
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Amazing work!! Very inspiring~ ♥
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OMG HOW COOL This IS!! ;A; <33 I'm so impressed!! I love it:heart:
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I've seen a lot of your step by steps, and I kind of wish I didn't, not because I don't like seeing the process, but because in the second to last progress shot, your lighting and contrast are ALWAYS better than your final image. I think, like many of us, you may get seduced by color, which is great too, that's your aesthetic, but I think it would be wonderful if you consider the impact this color has on the final reading. The face is much more important than the section of cloak just to the right, yet you paint both with an equally light value, and even stronger saturation in the cloak vs the face, and this creates an unnecessary competition that distracts from the character rather than adds. Take this for whatever it's worth, I'm still a big fan and look forward to seeing what you make in the future, just wanted to point out something you may not have considered before.
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Thanks for sharing, its really interesting to see the process as the work moves from sketch to finished piece.
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Watching that and going... "DAMN"
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This is cool! I love watching the process. 
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Thank you to share step by step !
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