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Khai bút đầu năm! X'D


Please excuse my weird way to fanart Elsa, I want to try drawing her a little bit more mature, and in a different dress :D
First piece of the year!

Thanks for views :blowkiss:

(...slowly getting back to commission list, so sorry guys! And thank you so much for you patience!)


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That snowflake is great idea
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Amazing Ö.Ö
The lights are so great
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Looks so awesome! wonderful! la in love 
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Very original take on this character! It works quite well.
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Wow this Elsa looks amazing^^
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Hehe love the look on her face, so sassy. :) 
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Nice look... Nice pose!
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Great job. I really like her expression.
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i like your design of elsa. it's so beautiful!
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You are excused. :D She's very loverly.
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it's perfect <3
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Omg this piece of artwork Stunning! 
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I like the cocky kind of look she has. Your fan art for Elsa is VERY pretty! I like her great hour glass figure! It has an amazing set up to it and a cool icy theme! This turned t really good
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She is gorgeous. She is so confident. It looks like she is swinging her hair in slow motion. He clothing is drawn so beautifully! I love the shading.
Great work!:Bummies: 
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wow...this floats my boat......A+
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The dress is very bioshock elizabethish lol. Love it.
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Stunning design, very nicely done!
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Dude this isn't weird, it's awesome. Love this dress.
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woha, she look totaly awosme :)
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