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Babydoll from Sucker Punch.
I'm not a fan of the movie, just love their amazing character designs ♥

WIP: [link]


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Great canvas! Very nice!
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Love that movie

Fantastic art!
Oh my gosh. I freaking love this movie and the games and this whole franchise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work. Absolutely gorgeous.
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Beautiful drawing of Babydoll. The movie could have been so much better if the story was completely different. I really did love the visuals and the character designs too, even the camera angles were good.
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same feeling~
i'm not too fond of the movie either , but the character looks cool~
A-s-t-r-a's avatar
Great art! ...But you call it "design"?...Lol...I'm not agree, sorry)...Still can't belive that somebody draw fan-arts on this stupied movie!
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I feel the same way. Silly movie, lovely characters. Beautiful work!
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Very nice work!!!
this is really impressive!! :)
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Same!! The movies was a long as* music video... besides that it doesn't make any sense. But everything else ended up being such a waste!! Anyway, I love it!
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it is so great ^^
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They do have great characters.
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The costumes alone are pretty much worth watching the movie. xD I think I bought it only for the visuals. I love this picture
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Ah yes. A lot of people don't like the movie but the character designs were cute. :) Great picture. I kind of thought her right hand was supposed to be holding the katana, though, from the way it was positioned, but was confused until I realized the katana is on her back.
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She is adorable!
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