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[Arcadia's Ignoble Knight] Erica

By Claparo-Sans
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ERICA - steps by Claparo-Sans


Book cover for Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: The Sorceress of Ashtown. Author: Brandon Varnell.
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[Arcadia's Ignoble Knight] Scenes by Claparo-Sans

"Arcadia's Knight Academy is the premier school for young men hoping to become a Sorceress’s Knight. Only nobles, people with power and prestige, are allowed within these hallowed grounds—which explains why Caspian Ignis del Sol is hated by everyone. He's not a noble, or of even slightly noble lineage. He's a peasant.

As payment for being enrolled in the academy, Caspian is sometimes given tasks to perform that take him outside of the academy walls. This time, his job is to deliver a letter to a Sorceress living in Ashtown, but when the train that he’s riding is attacked by a mysterious band of thugs in cloaks, he’ll find that there is a whole lot more to this mission than he first imagined.


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I didn't know so much gay panic could fit into one image holy shit oh God oh fuck she's so pretty

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The coloration alone is Breathtaking...despite the fact that the whole composition is on a level that only a very few can ever reach, i´am deeply impressed.

...and thankfull that you decided to share your Artwork with the DA comunity :handshake:
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Really fantastic work here .w. 
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woah so lovely! love the details *-* 
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Lovely. The details are amazing. Great job.

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Wow, she is beautiful.
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I love this picture, the girl is gorgeous and her pose is extremely sexy
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Very beautiful ♥
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Gorgeous! *^*
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Oh my, this is the best woman in the red dress I seen!!
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Love your artwork 
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this is just sooooo RED

terrific !!!


fat, killer, jawdropper, ... 
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The premise of the story sounds so damn familiar. Is the book done and up for purchase?
Claparo-Sans's avatar
It's still in editing process, you can check Brandon's page for the newest update:… :D
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Beautiful!! Pixel gemstones - Diamond 
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She is astonishing! And the contrast between the red of the robe and the chair with the grayish of the background give a very special feeling to the whole painting, make the character stand out even more, "dresses" her in more mysteriousness. I'm sorry I can't find more accurate words to explain my feelings about it :blushes: She's surrounded by beautiful details too.
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Wow my first thought seeing the picture was the best depiction of a Vampire queen but after reading the clip of the story it became clear to me she's just the perfect depiction of a supernaturally Fem fatal.
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For a second I thought it was Lust from FMA.
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aaa so pretty! <33
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Nice use of red, Take a peek at my gallery and let me know if you like what you see and don't forget to comment on them😊☺😆😉
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Red always reminds HOT ! Wellllll doooonnnnne
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Real bold and strong red color.
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