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Giant Khagang

my entry for water colossus. After combining crab scorpion octopus and spider as inspirition this what came out.
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What a Giant Monster, great Work.
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The details in this are SIC !

I like the blur to show motion of this beast as well.
Only thing that distracts me from the awesomeness of this monster is that silly looking soldier repeated 3x but that's somewhat trivial.

Amazing color choices
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This is what happens when you don't regularly clean your pool!

J/K Awesome monster!
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For some reason this reminds me so much of Jet Force Gemini :D Such a great game!
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Love the idea of the needles protruding from the claws
Absolutely fearsome
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yun yan ginamit sa panday de astig pa sana! deym!
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deym you drigs ikaw na talga papagawa ko nung OC ko na may battle scene! gawin mo na kasi!!
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Awesome work!
Featured on Monster Database linked to u!

>>> Every monster, creature, robot in this blog is linked to its original creator, we just post them! If an artist would like to change the monster's name, or his (the artist's) name on the post, or wanna add some more information about the creature, just write us. <<<
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thanks, good luck on your blogs
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Hi res, very awesome, blur effects are pretty nice . . . But most blue effects don't usually work in static art . . . Love it!
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I understand, thanks
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Just trying to help?
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Good luck in the contest
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