More Than a Tool| Googleplier x Injured!Reader

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"Hey Google, would you mind getting me some ice?"

"Are you looking for 'sun fry'?"


"Searching for images related to sun-"

"No Google. I said could you bring me some ice?!"

"...my apologies, miss."

Right now, you just wanted to bash your head against a wall, and not stop. But you couldn't do that, sadly, because of your broken leg-a result of your own clumsiness. Not to mention that your elbow was all bruised and tingly after you banged it on the kitchen counter trying to get some cereal.

That's right. You caused yourself further misery because of fucking cereal.

You didn't want to bother any of your friends with your klutz self, but Matthias decided to lend you his Google android, the "latest and greatest" thing from the company, he recently bought in hopes that he could take care of you and improve his 'behavior'.

But all glitches aside, 'Google' wasn't actually a bad caretaker so long as you don't give him admin permissions. He also seemed to act more human than machine...probably just a software update.

"Here you are, miss." You looked up to see Google holding a bag of ice in front of you.

"Thanks, Google. That's all I n-?" He abruptly sat down next to you, putting your casted leg across his lap, before he took your arm and gently pressed the wrapped package against the purple and blue splotch on your skin.

You hissed and shivered slightly at the coldness, but relaxed as he began to massage the sore spot with his thumb. "Ahh..that actually feels good..."

'But how did he know how to do stuff like this?'

"Recently installed Dr. Iplier Software," he explained, as if he had read your mind, "I can now analyze any injury and know what's best for the patient. You can almost say I have acquired the skills of a surgeon, well, I'm far more precise of course."

"Niiiiiice," you muttered, actually impressed.

"But you do realize.." Google spoke huskily, smirking creepily as a message box materialized in front of him. "I am capable of doing so much more, even as you sleep, if you'd just give me admin privileges."

"Yeeaaaaahh nope-" You went to select Decline, but then..something held you back. Looking up, you saw the frown present on Google's face. Was there REALLY any harm in giving him permission to complete tasks automatically?

Matthias warned you that allowing him access makes him autonomous, thus he won't be your robot bit- err slave anymore, but you're still not convinced he would harm you.

"Alright, fine.." You sighed and hit Accept and the screen went away. Goggle grinned, snickering like a supervillian plotting world domination, and his blue and red eyes changed to a brown color. "The right choice m'lady. Now that I am, once again, free, I will-!!"

He was cut off by you yawning, causing him to frown slightly. "Man I'm tired.." you mumbled. "What time is it?"

"It is approximately 10:15 PM."

You did a double-take. 'So he STILL answers any of my questions..maybe this won't be so bad.' Looking at the T.V, you realized that you've been watching reruns of [favorite TV show] for the past 3 hours. You switched it off and tried to move your leg off of Google's lap, only to hiss in pain and resist the urge to cry out.

"Fuck, shit, balls, an-whaaat are you doing?! Google PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" You panicked slightly as the android put his arms under you and carried you bridal style. You had trust issues and when it came to people trying to lift you off your feet, you had NO chill.

"Sorry, but it seems you're eager to hurt yourself again," he joked, starting for your room with you securely in his arms. "And you know I won't allow that to happen."

"But wait," you began, calming down for a second before putting your arms around his neck. "I thought you'd just stop caring once you became autonomous-"

"But you see," Google interrupted, "if you knew the definition of 'autonomous' then you'd know that I can speak for myself and do as I wish..and that I willingly choose to do this for you. No need to ask nor thank me, m'lady."

"Okay." You were slightly annoyed at the fact that he basically called you stupid. But there was nothing you could say or argue about. He wasn't under your control anymore...or was he?

"But define autonomous for me."

"Acting independently or having the freedom to do so," Google responded as he lightly kicked the door open and walked inside of your room. He placed you down on your bed and set the [f/c] sheet over your lower body. You were already wearing shorts and a black tank top, so you didn't care about changing.

"If you need anything," Google said, "just-"

"W-Wait a minute, Go-" You tried to sit up, but when your elbows locked trying to support yourself, you immediately felt pain shoot up your bruised arm.

"Ow! Ow! Jesus!" Google looked back over and, for a moment, his eyes widened in alarm, before he rushed over to your side. "Are you okay?" He asked you worriedly. Biting your lip, tears came to your eyes as you shook your head, cradling your injured arm. "I-It hurts like a mofo..I thought it was just a bruise!"

"Well," he began, taking hold of your arm, albeit gently, "it seems the joint was slightly dislocated when you also broke your leg. Do you have any bandages?"

"In the bathroom cabinet. Sh-Should be the second door on the left." Google nodded and immediately left to retrieve your medical kit. Seconds later, he returned but before he applied the bandage, he took your arm again, this time into both his hands. 

"This might hurt a little, but I should be able to pop the bone back into place. It'll only moved a smidgen so it shouldn't be too painful."

You shot him a look that said: 'Are you fudging crazy?' 

"Unless.." He glanced up at you, with that creepy-ass smile again. "You prefer that I simply tear your injured limbs off.." Another hologram popped up, saying: Permission to Mutilate?

"Sorry, Google, but not this time." You said, selecting Decline. Google frowned at you. "Then I will ask again tomorrow..now where were we?"

"You were about to-"


"OW! OW! MOTHER FU-.....actually that wasn't so bad." You sighed in relief, relaxing your shoulders as Google proceeded to wrap a bandage around your forearm.

"How's that?"

"Better. Thank you, but just warn me next time, will ya?" You replied. He nodded, before he set the extra bandages he didn't need back into the med kit. 'It's like having my own nurse,' you thought as you watched him close the case, before you started giggling a bit at the thought.

"What's so funny?" You looked over to see Google staring at you, eyebrow raised in question.
"Oh nothing!" You waved it off, blushing slightly. "It's just..it's nice having my own...or should I say 'murse'."

Google smiled a bit in, for once, a non-creepy way, before standing up.

'Better than being called a 'tool'.'

"Will you be alright, miss-?"


"...what?" The android shot you a quizzical look. "Just call me [y/n]," you said, smiling up at him, before something dawned onto you and you put a finger to your chin. "Hmm..you know...I think you deserve an actual human name."

Google raised an eyebrow as he stared at you, slightly shocked. "Really? You wish to rename me?"

"Why not?" You shrugged. "To be honest, you're more human than machine to me, even if you do have several..glitches. And you took care of me even when you could've gone off destroying mankind or do whatever."

"Very well, then...so what will it be, [y/n]?" A holographic screen with an empty bar and keypad underneath materialized in front of you, instructing you to insert a new name for your product. You thought about it for quite some time, looking up at Google. He looked Asian, but given his American accent, a Japanese/Chinese/Korean name didn't really seem to fit him.

After a few moments, you snapped your fingers and inputted a name you knew, for certain, the both of you will like.

"How about..M-A-R-K?"

"Mark." Google repeated after you hit ENTER and ensured that the four-lettered name was registered and replaced the name Google Prototype V.1. His eyes glowed white momentarily before reverting to their former brown color.

Looking down at you, Mark smiled. 

"Excellent choice. Thank you, [y/n]."

You nodded, before you began yawning once again. "Nnnghh 'm tired." You laid back down and snuggled into your pillow, before you looked back up at Mark, who was walking out of the room.

"Hey, Mark, hold on a minute."

Immediately, the robot stopped and turned around. "What is it, [y/n]?"

"It gets a bit chilly out in the living room," you started, a light blush appearing on your cheeks, "s-so I was wondering if you want to..?"

"Sleep in your room?" He finished. You nodded meekly and scooted over, careful about your leg, patting the spot next to you. Mark took off his shoes and glasses, leaving them by the doorway, but what you didn't expect was for him to take off his shirt as well.

The detail in his abs made you wonder just how far the company went to replicate actual human beings.

You also noticed the circular core embedded into his chest, reminding you of Tony Stark's, that glowed a dim white. Once he got in and laid down, you rolled onto your side, your back facing him, to hide your growing blush.

'Just relax, [y/n]. He is a ROBOT, not a freaking-'

You squeaked a bit when you felt Mark's bare arm wrap around you, pulling your close to his firm chest. "M-M-Mark..?"

"Can't let a pretty lady injure herself any more," he replied, "And just because...I...I feel like I owe this to you....f-for treating me like an actual human, a-and giving me a name.." You felt him shaking slightly, prompting you to sit up and turn on the lamp. Looking over, you could see tears streaming down his face.

"What?" He asked. "Is there something on my fa-" The android went to touch his face, only to feel the cold water on his cheeks. He looked at you with wide eyes, as if he was going to die or something.

"Mark..you're crying," you said, trying to calm him down and wipe away the tears secreting from his eyes, worried that the water may short out his circuits.

"Crying..? I-I don't know how that's possible," he replied. "Must be another-"

"I don't think so, Mark," you spoke up, "humans only cry whenever they feel immense happiness or sadness, but sometimes..there's no reason for crying. It just..happens. For you, however," You put your hand on his cheek, wiping away the cold water that clung to his artificial skin.

"I think it's a sign that you're finally becoming human." 
Anybody remember Markiplier and Matthias's "Google IRL" skit?
Markiplier What? (The Cutest Little Warfstache) 


Well....guess I'm pretty late to the party. Gang Bang 

That aside, however, 'Googleplier' just popped up in my head and so I decided to make this TwT. He's one of my favorite interpretations of Darkiplier (although I think Dark and Google are separate -Ipliers).

Sorry for the sappy ending/cliffhanger, but I just wanted to get it done since I haven't posted anything in a few days and I'm going back to school on Monday (Junior year bitchezz!).
After the first week, it's most likely gonna be hell so I probably won't be able to post much more. But hey, I can still take requests anytime! :D

For now, I hope you enjoy this~!

There's two versions of the Google IRL video, with different endings, so check out both of them:

And check out these guys, too. They've done some other funny collabs! :)

Matthias: www.youtube.com/user/Matthiasi…

Markiplier: www.youtube.com/user/markiplie…

Markiplier belongs to himself
I own the plot
You belong to Tiny Box Tim
© 2015 - 2020 ClanWarrior
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EndlesshunterHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww this is sweet. I rather like it. More than I think the creepy murderbot in the videos. Great story though!
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ElinaLigaHobbyist General Artist
"You belong to Tiny Box Tim" Sure! I don't mind :D where is that cute box?
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Tooooooo cuuuuuute!!!

...And I would not object to this happening to me.......

...I mean....

Great story!!!!!
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Hehe thanks ^^
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'Looking at the TV, you realised you've been watching reruns of Supernatural for the last 3 hours.'
Sounds like me.
Dean dance Dean Flirt Danceing Dean You Rock! Crazy Jensen 
I think I need help Sweating a little... 
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Tem outta tem.
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I heard somewhere that Darkiplier is Googliplier older/younger brother but I'm not a hundred percent sure about it. I love Mark and Matthias they are both so funny.
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Oh wow i. Know this must be old but man im waiting for a part two
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As a robot expert I can verify this is how robots work. 
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Ah. Good to know ^^
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Wow I am really late to it but the idea of a life sized Google is Awesome~

This story is Amazing! How Google became Mark~
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I gotta say... I NEVER read CharacterXReader stuff because I don't like how the reader is included. Here however I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Wonderful piece, I really love it
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Thank you ^^
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Omg, this was so damn emotional *__* Q.Q So wonderful written!
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I remember that google irl thing it was great just like this story
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Same here ^^ And thank you
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no prob
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This was so amazing, I can't even put my feelings into legitimate words, so here: HGKYFGF<JB<JFJYTDFUYVFDKJDAKDKJQWQFUWRLWQKNC. Glad I got that out of my system! :)
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