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"Oh no..."

Those were the only words you could utter as you looked around your garden. You were horrified to see all your plants, berries, and hard-work reduced to ashes.

But the owners of the blue and orange flames could not be mistaken.

Clenching your fists, you stormed back towards your house. In your garage, the two Mega Charizards that resided there were just munching on berries. Y was snacking away without a care in the world, but when X saw the garage door opening, he immediately nudged his twin's arm. The orange Charizard grunted in protest, but when he heard a very angry "ahem", his eyes went wide as dish plates and he turned to you slowly.

There you were, hands on your hips, your foot tapping impatiently. Both dragons looked tense as they saw the fire in your eyes--greater than either one of them could muster.

"You boys are in BIG trouble!!" They flinched at the sharp tone of your voice.

Why did you have two Mega Charizards, you may ask? Well, your Charizard, of all the ones in the world, happened to be selected for a "special project" involving the separation of a Mega Pokemon's "X" and "Y" forms. They didn't want to do a Mewtwo, for obvious reasons, though you thoguht they were crazy and that, like most experiments, something terrible would happen to the Charizard you grew up with.

But it was a success, to your shock, and now you were stuck with two Mega Charizards. They couldn't go back into your Pokeballs, so for a day or so they had to stay out until they could fuse back together.
Even though the separation of powers made them weaker, they still liked causing trouble.

But this time they had gone too far.

"You know how hard I've been working to make that garden?! How hard I've been working to satisfy the hunger of my picky Pokemon?! A LOT!" You growled, feeling steam coming out of your ears. "It's bad enough that now I got an extra mouth to feed..!"

Sighing, you shook your head, muttering "unbelievable" under your breath before you went inside the house.

The Mega Charizards looked at each other, feeling guilty. A minute later you're back outside with your purse. "I'm going to the store to buy some seeds and new soil that YOU two burnt to a crisp..don't burn anything else while I'm gone."

You got on your bike and sped out of the driveway, heading down the street. X let out a puff of air through his nostrils, walking out of the garage and spreading his wings out. Y seemed to know what his twin had in mind and followed suit, before the two took off into the sky.

"Stupid Fire-types..stupid Mega Evolutions..stupid Char-" You grumbled, but you bit your tongue before you could insult all the Charizards in the world. Maybe that was going a bit too far.

'What are you thinking, [y/n]? Those idiots destroyed your garden! A garden you've worked so hard on! You have every right to be mad!!' One half of your brain scolded you, but the other half was like: 'Yo, they had the saddest looks on their faces. You won't be able to get that out of your head. They might've destroyed the garden it worth getting THAT upset over?'

Distracted by your internal conflict, you almost didn't realize you were veering towards the wrong side of the road....until a car nearly hit you. Luckily you were able to swerve and get back in the right side.

"Man I thought I was a goner! least I'm back home," you sighed with relief as you turned into your driveway....only to realize that X and Y were nowhere to be found in your open garage.

"Damn.." You muttered, running a hand through your hair. Today has been stressful: those dragons destroyed your garden, you nearly got run over, and now there were two loose Mega Charizards somewhere. "Well isn't that fine and dandy. Just when things couldn't get-"


Your eyes widened as you looked up at the sky and jumped back. The Megas landed in front of you, smiling. "Where did you guys go?" You furrowed your eyebrows, feeling your anger coming back. "I was getting worried that you two were off causing-"

It was then you noticed that X dropped something by your feet.

"What's this?" You knelt down, opening the bag, and you gasped at what was inside: colorful varieties of berries, some which were exceptionally rare and expensive. "Oh my...these are...beautiful! I don't even...!"
Tears of joy came to your eyes, and you looked up at X. "Th-Thank you, X.."

The blue and black Charizard smiled, nodding, before nudging Y once more. "Oh?" You raised an eyebrow, wiping your tears away as you stood up. "What do you have for me, buddy?"

Blushing slightly, Y lowered his head, placing a bundle of [favorite flowers] into your arms. Even though some of his saliva dripped off the stems, you paid no attention to that. "Wow..these are my favorite!" You smiled, sniffing the flowers. "Thank you, Y."

The orange Charizard nodded.

"Listen guys.." you began, setting down the flowers. The two Megas stiffed up, worried about what you were going to say next...

"I'm sorry that I yelled at you. I know this separation is for you, Charizard and I should've known better. You think you guys can forgive me?"

The Mega Charizards looked at each other, then back to you, staring at you for some time. Finally, Y smiled and lowered his head, nuzzling your cheek before licking it.

"Hehe..that tickles!" You giggled, before X came and licked your other cheek. "Stop-ahahah!" The laughter came back as you hugged the two dragons' necks. A warm smile crossed your features.

Even though your garden was destroyed, you realized there were far more important things in this world than silly plants...and that was your Pokemon.
Requested by :iconbolt-the-night-fury:

Welp, this is a pretty darn interesting one, isn't it? It took me a while to realize that Mega Charizard had an X and Y form like Mewtwo...I always thought the blue and black Charizard was his Mega Evolution when I was younger. ^^;

Anyways in case you're confused:

It's hard to say which one is my favorite.....but who cares I LOVE these Megas!! :dummy:

006 Mega Charizard X Emote 006 Mega Charizard Y emote 

So I hope you enjoy the story~:heart:

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