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Clanverwalters Colouring Tutorial (SAI) by Clanverwalter Clanverwalters Colouring Tutorial (SAI) by Clanverwalter
Bullet; Red Important:
Bullet; Orange Itīs for Paint Tool SAI users because I used Paint Tool SAI, also for other users if they can do the same.
Bullet; Orange Donīt steal the Art
Bullet; Orange The Lineart is from Namai-Ki cocky-chan/namaiandstuff
Bullet; Orange  Itīs my first Tutorial

Bullet; Red First of all: To the Colours I use in this picture and Tutorial.

You can easily find Colour palettes in the Internet. For example I use the colours of copics. And on the website of Copic you can find sets. The three sets you can see on the little box are for example from Copicsets: "Skintones, Spring, Pastell"

Bullet; Red So now going on to the Tutorial:
Bullet; Blue  1. Choose here on Deviantart or in the internet a beautiful Lineart or draw one by yourself. (Put the Layer on "multiply")

Bullet; Blue  2. I draw on a new Layer under the Lineart Layer with a neoncolour: here green. I do this because sometimes the Lines arenīt good to see or the Skin colour I want to colour is too bright

Bullet; Blue  3. First draw on several Layers the base colours use the colours you like the most. ! But be careful not all colours look good togethe:

Bullet; Blue  4. Then put a darker shade on some lines. Donīt forget to blur them. ;)

Bullet; Blue  5. On the edges of many parts put a more darker shade and light reflexes. Donīt forget to blur them. ;)

Bullet; Blue  6. Now the green background you use in the first step is the last layer at the bottom of that layerlist Now you can draw a background by yourself or you search for backgrounds here on DA.

I hope you liked it and good luck for your colouringworks :)
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April 20, 2014
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