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So... I'm a big fan of dkfenger's Trust Machine universe, thus I wrote a little story in there, too. Thanks @ dkfenger for spellchecking! :)

Three girls are frightened of their upcoming exams and decide to use the Venn Machines to... increase their luck, let's say. And the ideas they have for doing so are... quite strange. ;)

Have fun reading! :D

(My college is in the middle of its exams phase at the moment and we're having big problems with cheating students. We even had to acquire two network sniffers in order to discourage students from "phoning home" with their mobile phones during the exam. That's what inspired me to write this story in the first place.) 


Merging (Two minds one body)
Splitting (One mind two bodies)

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Many thanks! :)
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Have you ever written anything else like this with the splitting? Really that hivemind style is just so amazing and I can't find any other stories on it. I really want to find all I can on this. Was such a fun read.