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Download the CSS & instructions here:…

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frac·tal1 /ˈfræktl/
noun Mathematics, Physics.
a geometrical or physical structure having an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between a greatest and smallest scale such that certain mathematical or physical properties of the structure, as the perimeter of a curve or the flow rate in a porous medium, behave as if the dimensions of the structure (fractal dimensions) are greater than the spatial dimensions.

[Origin: < F fractale, equiv. to L frāct(us) broken, uneven (see fractus) + -ale -al2; term introduced by French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (born 1924) in 1975]

[1] fractal. (n.d.). Unabridged (v 1.1). Retrieved March 15, 2007, from website:…


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Journal CSS by ClaireJones
© 2006 - 2022 ClaireJones
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sangpendosa's avatar
simple, i like it
artisjustfrozenmusic's avatar
I cannot wait to use this!
SoltisViolin's avatar
beautiful, just outstanding, clear, and works well with DA. I'm loving it! :heart:
kressaM's avatar
this is PERFECT. i love simple layouts like these because they're not cluttered, they're not painful to look at, and it doesn't take away from the content of your journal.
belovedreams21x's avatar
This is a really nice, how do you put this in your journal?...Because I have no idea, and I've been wondering how to get a layout for my journal for a while.
Smezy-Neko's avatar
alright i give in how do i make this work??? o.O
artslover007's avatar
Your CSS looks very elegant. But I am a beginner with those CSS things, so can you help me? How can I use this CSS??
CristinaR's avatar
I'm also using this, thank you, it's very clean!
PookieTookieJewelry's avatar
i love this journal css so much! thank you i use it :D
Betweenshades's avatar
very elegant and clean. Definitely using!
Jorden-Chan's avatar
So I Recently got a subscriptio, And I dont Know how the CSS Thing works.
Can you help me? <: )
Geek-Stock's avatar
Damnit, I can't get this to work. When I add the html for the side bar, everything else in the journal disappears or are below the same narrow column as side bar.

It's this, right?

<div class="rightside">
<div class="rightheader">Links</div>

What am I doing wrong?
degodson's avatar
this is beautiful. Thanks a lot. I've used it as my journal. Thanks once more!
Digitag's avatar
I'm going to use this CSS, thank you for making it :D
Adrizzle's avatar
Nice coding! You prolly already heard this but I just love how it's minimalistic and still elegant. :)
I'm newly subscribed and kinda suck at css so would anyone mind telling me how to eh..put this on a journal? o_O; Thanks so much!
Zera24's avatar
how do i make my journal like this :?
lReversel's avatar
how can i make a journal like this, when i've came to your dA i was hopping to find a code to make a journal like this, please answer

Nature is constantly mixing up with art.
DaneeCastillo's avatar
WOW so crisp. I'm trying out CSS too but I'm not great with it.
I can't figure out how to center things in my journal. I can do a lot but not center >< help.
FireMage9081's avatar
Looks good...but the journal is really smashed off to a side because of the links.
Tabikat's avatar
I'm so bad at CSS and I like the CSS you've made so I want to use it and I know how to change the colors, so my question is, how do you add images for the text? Like, say instead of just the word Resources, I want an image with my character saying resources, how would I put that in the CSS?
kitsune2736's avatar
you would just paste the <img src=""> code where you want the image to be.
Tabikat's avatar
ah yea, thank you X3
kitsune2736's avatar
srry I just had too ^^;
oh BTW I used you Simple and Clean CSS IT is awsome thank you so much for making it :hug:
lgmac's avatar
Very nice journal.
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