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Figured I should update my journal. I've wanted to upload some of the pieces from 2013's calendar, but I haven't been able to get much rendering done. I've been waylaid by illness and post-holiday fatique (I ended up making ten knitted snowman ornaments for family, a crocheted fish bag for my niece, a knitted infant dress for my other niece, a crocheted lunch bag for my nephew, and a whole bunch of crocheted household items for a family white elephant gift exchange--all in the three weeks prior to Christmas; planning is not my strong area).

Mostly I'm writing to let you know about my new Facebook page. I'll admit that I don't usually spend much time at all on FB, but I'm trying to work on that. ^^; I would love it if you checked out my page (and maybe, if possible, like it)! :aww: I figured it would be better to mention the new page here on dA rather than bug everyone on FB.


I am always doing more than I should at one time and various things get lost in the shuffle. I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate the faves, comments, as well as the many views I receive on my work.  I am so grateful for everyone's support! :hug:

LOL, this journal layout doesn't match the current dA color scheme at all. Guess I'll need to fix that...

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:love: i can't wait to see some of your images!!! chaotica it quite fast too...just saying ;)
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I'm already so behind with what Apophysis can do. Just thinking about all of the new fractal apps out there overwhelms me...
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well if you ever need assistance #Aposhack is always open ;)
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Glad to hear from you!!!!  :hug: Hang in there!!!!
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Sounds very very busy!   Just an interesting side note....I clicked the link above…   and it took me to the E-harmony date site.  I thought it would go to an Apophysis site?
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Thanks for letting me know.  I think my site may have been deactivated. :(
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took me to turbotax
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something must be a bit messes up there :rofl:
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You've been very busy, Claire ~ I hope the family appreciated all your creations!  BTW, the colour scheme isn't so bad! :laughing:  :iconfrostymorningbliss: Cheers, Coco
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