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May I use your CSS?

Of course.  All of the layouts with download links and offered under a Creative Commons License can be downloaded for use in your journal.

May I alter your CSS?

Refer to each layout's readme for more information.

All of the CSS Layouts are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License.  

Technically, this means that the user is free to use and alter the layout for themselves or modify the design and offer for download as long as the user attributes (i.e. credits) the design to the original creator ( ClaireJones ) and does not sell the modified layout.

Normally I wave the credit when using the journal CSS on deviantART, because 1). I've never required it in the first place and 2). I'm fairly well known on dA.  Of course, you're free to credit me and it's a very kind gesture. *hint hint*

However, when redistributing a modified CSS layout, you must credit ClaireJones somewhere on the design itself.

I hate to be picky in this one area, but I spend so much time designing and bug-fixing these designs to work across browsers that I cannot stand when some dA users have taken my work and passed it off as their own.

It makes me wanna choke a fella.  :iconfellaplz:

Learn more about Creative Commons Licenses:

How do I install the CSS?  Will you help me?

All of the CSS come with readmes that contain detailed instructions on installing and using the layouts.  At this time, I cannot individually help those who need assistance installing the CSS code.

I can't see the CSS link in my Update Journal area.  Why?

While everyone is free to download the code, only certain users on dA can actually use journal CSS.

So far, this applies to deviantART subscribers, seniors and staff.  If you are a regular member you cannot use CSS in journals.

Are the CSS layouts really free?

Yes.  All of my resources—CSS, GIMP, Apophysis—are available for use without charge.

However, if you wish to show your appreciation and want to help me be able to provide more resources in the future, please consider donating.

Will you make me a free customized journal layout?

At this time, I cannot make custom layouts without charge.  It simply takes far too much of my time for me to take requests.  I have many free journals of all user levels that can be customized to each individual's needs.

Do you take commissions for custom journal layouts?

At this point I am not taking commissions.

How do I restore the Moodbox?

Probably the number one question I am asked.  I always try my hardest to get rid of it, but I've learned that many are very attached to it.  

Restoring the Moodbox is simple.  In the CSS code, find the .list element.  It should be near the top of the code.  

The first line says display: none;.  Remove this line.  That's it.

.list {
display: none; <= Delete this line
font-size: 0px;
background: transparent !important;

Not all CSS code has properly formatted Moodbox code.  This means that if the Moodbox is desired, you are responsible for adjusting the code to match the layout.

Here is the code I used in Simple + Clean v.1.2 that should work for the main Simple + Clean family (Simple & Clean: Next Generation excluded).

.list {

.list li {

.list a {
background:transparent !important;

How do I make a hyperlink?

Normal XHTML is used in deviantART journals.  To make a standard hyperlink, we use what is called an anchor tag.

Be sure to replace the URL with the desired web address.

You can make the link a little flashier by putting a title into the XHTML so that when a mouse hovers over the link a description pops up.

How do I add an image to my journal?

We add an image to the journal by using an image tag.  

To have a proper XHTML tag, we need to add an alt attribute and a slash at the end (to close the tag).  The alt attribute is mainly used to have alternate text in the situation that the image becomes unavailable, users will have an idea of what the image is.  Alt text is also used by image search engines.  You don't actually need any text in the alt tag, but it is a good idea.  As a sidenote, Explorer (wrongly, I might add) displays Alt text as a title when hovering over the image.

Remember to change the image name with the actual URL given to you by Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.

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We can add some more information such as a title (like in the earlier hyperlink example) and height/width if known.  The height and width attributes are somewhat controversial, but I like to use them because I feel the layout looks better.  Because the images are given the proper width and height before they have been downloaded, the layout is better preserved.

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Finally, we can take everything we've learned so far and make a clickable image by wrapping an image tag inside an anchor tag.

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Or more simply:


Why did the Modernity CSS suddenly look fugly?

Now that is a good question.  Honestly, I don't know.  I go on the assumption that it is caused by an incompatibility issue with the top menu links and the new deviantART v6.  The switch to dA v6 is the one significant change that happened while I was away, so that's my theory.  But really, I have no idea.  

The easiest way to "fix" the problem is to redownload new versions of the Modernity series that have been corrected (sans the top menu).  All of the elements are unchanged, so simply replace the old CSS with the new and the layout is restored.  

Corrected Versions:

Modernity Candy CSS v.1.2.2:…
Deviant Modernity v.1.3:…
Halloween CSS v.1.2.2:…

Simple Journal CSS

Simple + Clean v1.2 CSS Layout by ClaireJones Simple + Clean v.2 CSS by ClaireJones Simple + Clean v.3 CSS by ClaireJones Starry Night CSS Layout by ClaireJones

Advanced Journal CSS

SC: NG CSS Layout by ClaireJones Modernity Candy CSS v.1.2.2 by ClaireJones Deviant Modernity CSS v.1.3 by ClaireJones Halloween CSS v.1.2.2 by ClaireJones

Beta Journal CSS

SC: NG Gallery CSS Beta by ClaireJones Black + Blue CSS Layout by ClaireJones

Other Journal Resources

dA Journal Dividers - GIFs by ClaireJones dA Journal Dividers - PNG by ClaireJones

Simple & Clean NG CSS: ClaireJones | Silk Icons: famfamfam
© 2005 - 2024 ClaireJones
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