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The Rings2 and Julian Guide

The Rings2 & Julian Guide: An Advanced Apophysis Technique

Apophysis 2.06c | GIMP | Word97 | CutePDF

I apologize for the large file size. It wasn't until after I converted the guide to a PDF file that I saw I had created yet another large tutorial. Unfortunately, I am not sure when I will be able to create the online version.

Included in the ZIP:
  • PDF The Rings2 & Julian Guide, 28 pp
  • FLAME file containing 2 parameters
  • HTML readme

Techniques Covered:
  • Basic Rings2/Julian flame formation
  • Creating texture
  • Two methods of creating shadows
  • ...and much more

  • *gitte has created a script based on this tutorial. Be sure to thank her for writing it when downloading here: [link]
  • :new: *CabinTom has also created a script based on the guide. Download and give thanks here: [link]
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Still in love with this ;-;
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Thank you Claire for all the tutorials, resources and knowledge that you share with us.
Your insights in fractal art and Apophysis helped me so much in my quest for that "perfect" fractal.
I`m not even going to compare your work with mine. I dont dare because you're 7 years ahead of me ;) (Wink).

I did this tutorial about a year ago and was amazed by the results that I got. Love the aesthetics of it. Unfortunately I lost almost all of my earlier works and researches (and that wasn't the first time) so I must say that all I learned about Apophysis is still pretty basic. :( (Sad)

Love your work. Especially julia based ones. Keep evolving it. You are one of my top gurus here Claire. Peace and good luck my I love deviantART!. And to all other :deviants: and  deviantART members Peace :love: and St. Patricks Day!.      Thumbs Up
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Get back to yo after looking thru everything! Thanks for now!
goofygrape's avatar
thanks for this guide
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Cool two thumbs up :-)
Astrantia01's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing! This is my first result: [link]
Luc14n's avatar
thanks for sharing!
fractist's avatar
Thanks for your tutorials!
zablit's avatar
Thank you for a very well thought out and written piece, Claire. :)
CherubiumAngles's avatar
Thanks, these are great guides
Pumayana's avatar
Thank a lot, great one ! :+fav:
SiennaBlue's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial. :)
Prelkia's avatar
:wave:I have featured here![link] :dance::D
I wish you a very good day!:sun:
mario837's avatar
Excellent tutorial Claire :clap: :clap: :clap:
Thank you very much for the time and effort :bow:
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Thank you for the tutorial, I used it to make this [link] :D
Lupsiberg's avatar
This is super :w00t!: thank you very much :rose:
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Had a lot of fun with this one :D Worked at it for a while and came up with [link]
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what version of apophysis are you using becuase the version i use doesnt have a master scale in the adjust window
Loucife's avatar
I'm pretty sure it's just called "scale" now :) It does the same thing
asharpsilence's avatar
im having the same problem,
the newer versions dont have this and when i downloaded an older version it says "this version has expired..."
this one step makes a huge difference and its pretty frustrating!
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