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The Rings2 and Julian Guide



The Rings2 & Julian Guide: An Advanced Apophysis Technique

Apophysis 2.06c | GIMP | Word97 | CutePDF

I apologize for the large file size. It wasn't until after I converted the guide to a PDF file that I saw I had created yet another large tutorial. Unfortunately, I am not sure when I will be able to create the online version.

Included in the ZIP:
  • PDF The Rings2 & Julian Guide, 28 pp
  • FLAME file containing 2 parameters
  • HTML readme

Techniques Covered:
  • Basic Rings2/Julian flame formation
  • Creating texture
  • Two methods of creating shadows
  • ...and much more

  • *gitte has created a script based on this tutorial. Be sure to thank her for writing it when downloading here: [link]
  • :new: *CabinTom has also created a script based on the guide. Download and give thanks here: [link]
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Still in love with this ;-;