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Starry Night CSS Layout

By ClaireJones
User Level: Beginner
Compatibility: Firefox

View the Live Moodbox Version: [link]

A simple and easy to use CSS featuring Vincent van Gogh's classic painting, "Starry Night" (public domain), and based on my Simple + Clean CSS Layout. It actually works well with the dA green color scheme.

Currently, this layout is incompatible with Internet Explorer, but I am working to resolve this.

  • 3 Header styles
  • Top Gallery Navigation Bar
  • Standard Scrollbox
  • No Journal Entry Date
  • No Journal Icon
  • Two versions are included in the ZIP--with and without the Moodbox
  • Header and Footer images are both included in the ZIP file and hosted online
  • Erm...simple design
Be sure to set the Moodbox to the TOP of the journal.

More CSS Layouts: [link]

dA members who have used this CSS:
*anjaleck | *cannibalartist | =CoRayBee | *Dragon-gurl | ~duo2nd | `FractalEyes | *KatuAnimeArtClub | *mirrorimagestock | *noriko-chan-chan | ~oOFidelityOo | *PaintedHouse | *phoenix75 | *silentseaa

Edited Versions:

:new: Edit 8/06/07:
  • Some coding errors have been fixed
  • The footer image displays correctly in both journal views (in Firefox, at least)
  • Moodbox has been moved to the top of the journal in order to accommodate the changes
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AShoreNeverReached's avatar
definitely going to use this as soon as i figure out how!
gravymonkey's avatar
very nicely done!
Just wanted to let you know that I am using this as well!

Thanks a bunch for making this available to everyone!
Selvanna's avatar
Great CSS! ^^
I really like this Van Gogh's painting! :)
I'm using it too. :3
B-hawkins's avatar
Very pretty stuff! :D
xandreea's avatar
thank you, I may use it.
dwuff's avatar
really lovely, well done! :)
darkitty27's avatar
how do you put in the headers (like for the stamps and clubs and scrolling thing)?
TasteForInsanity's avatar
:) Very lovely. Van Gogh is my favourite painter. I totally used this, thank you! :)
game-breaker's avatar
I hope I can use this as my CSS! Its fantastic!
the0riginalSIN21's avatar
jadenlynne's avatar
Really pretty,..I am using this now!!!! TY!! :hug:
Chellips's avatar
I'd like to use this, but I'm new to CSS, so how do I put this on my journal?
merillita's avatar
Beautiful and Artistic!!
but, how can I use you layout in my journal?? What I've to do?
XtwiceXshakenX's avatar
I'm working on using this....Thank you very much!!
saturnangel's avatar
Used as my new blog layout, and featured in it as well: [link]
bheware's avatar
this might be useful for learning codes. thanks.
DeoLupin's avatar
^^ Thanks for the awesome and simple journal CSS!
(I'd been messing around with some more complex stuff, but this is way better than anything I'd had planned!)

;) I'm using it and lightly edited it, just so ya know!
Draconicus's avatar


Dragon-gurl's avatar
I'll be sure to try this ^.^

May I edit it as long as I give you credit? I love to mess around with pictures and things like that ^^;
ClaireJones's avatar
Thanks for using my layout!

Sure, I'm find with alterations. I always mess around with my own code. ;)
silentseaa's avatar
i have used this css in my journal.
ClaireJones's avatar
Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it. :aww:
Evil-e33's avatar
This is awesome!!! I can't wait to try it out, and I'll be very sure to credit it you 100%. :clap:
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