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Spiral Tutorial for Apophysis

By ClaireJones
Here is a tutorial showing how I go about making all these spiral fractals. The file is a bit big - about 1.5 mb - due to the graphics.

I think some of you will be surprised at how I create them. I just took one flame and went with it, not knowing how it would look in the end. I got really nervous near the end after I had spiralized it. It just looked like crap. I'm thinking, "Great. I'm going to have to start over and do all these screenshots again." :doh: Fortunately, I found the right palette and everything worked out okay.

I don't know what's up, but I couldn't get the images any less compressed (and I tried several file formats), so the images in the PDF version look sucky. It should still give the user enough information to go out and create some great looking spirals.

Next, you just have to start learning Pascal to write some good scripts. :D

I changed the file to a zipped PDF so that it downloads directly instead of loading to the window. Sorry to those of you with dial-up! :( That was probably very sucky for you.
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Thanks for all the cool stuff you have posted over the past months/years.  What a treasure trove!
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Thanks for sharing :-)
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:la::megaphone:I LOVE THIS!!
ollywithbeans's avatar
Really really appreciate this, thank you!
jatna's avatar
Thanks a lot for this!
Spamkiller's avatar
CQuake's avatar
thanks for sharing!! :heart:
Vertasual's avatar
Thanks for sharing cool Apo resources :D
Halcyon83's avatar
downloaded; thanks for sharing!
Max65's avatar
Looks interesting, thx for sharing
ButterFractal's avatar
Thank you! I look forward to this one .. ^_^
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This is a really old tutorial, created when I didn't have the knowledge I gained later. It's very, very basic and relies on scripts. I have some later tutorials that give a more basic understanding of Apophysis.
ButterFractal's avatar
ah cool .. I'll look ^_^ :D
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ok this is rely going to be yousfule .
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I'm curious... (downloading) .... :P
I like your spirals.... thanks for sharing :glomp:
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It's nothing special, mostly a beginner's guide to making simple spirals using default scripts. I've come up with more sophisticated and detailed methods as time has gone on for my later fractals.
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interesting! I'm going ot have to give this program a shot.
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Definitely try it. When you see the original flame and then you see Moon Snail, it's amazing how Apophysis works. I remember reading one tutorial and not understanding why the author liked scripts so much. Now I get it. :lol:
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I can't write code to save my life LOL.
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You don't need to write any scripts to use Apophysis. I only used ones that were already installed with the program in the tutorial. All of my renders until today used the default scripts.
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good to know ^_^
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The scripts are in Turbo Pascal? I'm doing That! :D
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The help file said it was based off of Pascal, so I'm not sure how exactly similar they are. If this is how Pascal works, though, I don't really like it. I've worked with other languages that are more typing friendly.
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