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Simple + Clean v.3 CSS

By ClaireJones
Simple + Clean v.3 & v.3.5
User Level: Intermediate

Live version for Simple + Clean v.3: [link]
Live version for Simple + Clean v.3.5: [link]

I didn't expect to create any more CSS designs, but there were some elements that bugged me and I just had to figure out how to do them. This version is a more intermediate CSS layout than the original.

Two different versions, as shown in the extremely large preview image, are included in the zip file.

  • Minimalist design to match dA's layout
  • Sidebar (Now in an easier to code format)
  • Gallery Menu Bar
  • Sibebar Boxes
  • Scrollboxes
  • Journal Subhead and/or Journal Description
  • No mood box (I think :pray: )
  • No Journal Entry Date
  • Zero graphical elements (though they may be added)

More CSS Journal Layouts: [link]

dA members who have used this CSS:
~17oz | ~2ndart | =Adimo-Rosa | ~AGDemiGod | ~Ariel-G | =Arctic-Affinity | *AvalonSky | ~beastofoblivion | =beyond-frames | ~bLuTm8 | ~comfy-bed-stock | =CountessdeScarlet | *Craig-Miller | *Denchii85 | ~ellymarinova | =fireflyx | *flowers-are-forever | ~HungaroMania | *Issandre | =Jakumetsu | ~Kairek | =karusuman | =KittyD | =Kittyd-Stock | ~krylty | =KyT3m | `larafairie | *litNEWS | ~miksmote | *Moontimes | =Morbid-Tyriel | *NickCreevy | ~NightLolita | =ninazdesign | =noemia | =Otakugraphics | =photoparty | *Poisoned-Kiss | =rizzyart | =r4v1 | =Redpencil | ~roryvincent | =Shia-chan | ~Tanoshii-Chan | =theholysmirk | =vendingmachinelunch | =WyckedLilJoJo | =w1zzy | =yana-stock | *Yumehayla

Edited & Other Versions:
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sorrowthedark's avatar
I love this :D awesome work
AKAluck's avatar
I'm using 3.5, edited it just a bit to fit my needs, thank you so much for sharing this!
PrimalArc's avatar
This looks great, I'll definitely be using it :)
LittleGeeky's avatar
Wow this is beautiful *o* Would it be okay if I used it?
steppeland's avatar
Thank you! I will be using it at :iconsteppelandstock: :)
ZeeKayArt's avatar
Thanks so much for this! It's so nice and clean <3 Using it for a long while!
dancingelf's avatar
May I say I really liked the "Read Me" part you have in your zip, fully explaining everything!! Thanks for that!! :D
Crescencia's avatar
I'm using this now. Altered it a bit. I love it :love:
MyFantasiMind's avatar
This is a very good layout for the journal. It's very simple and not so overwhelming with stuff. I hope you don't mind if I use for my journals and change a bit of the stuff here and there. =)
PaleScarlet's avatar
If i wanted my own header above the 1st journal option
what are the measurements? w x h

add what's the code i need to put in?

I love this simple clean thing you are doing and i like this journal for myself :D
arua1's avatar
great layout! Ima use it for my journal.
Omigrim's avatar
Thank you for making such a wonderful CSS! I'll use it for my journal, may I? :)
Alastordemon's avatar
Very nice design. Using it for my journal now :)
ClaireJones's avatar
Thanks for using my design and letting me know! I really appreciate it. :aww:
Alastordemon's avatar
Actually I think it is a great work and to be honest, I'm too lazy to do it on my own ^^
DemonDragonSaer's avatar
Very cool design! I edited it a bit and use it now xD
Jibril85's avatar
I'm using that... :) Thank you.. :)
Supremos-do-DA's avatar
i'm using it on my jornal! thanks supremo!! hai!
CarinaReis's avatar
Thanks for sharing :)
I'm using it on my journal.
Drezdany's avatar
I used it for my journal, many thanks for it :rose:
ZionPhnx's avatar
you are really good with this
am-cravioto's avatar
Wonderfull and really usefull, I used it in my journal.
le-Rosemont's avatar
I am now using this :aww: Thanks !
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