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Simple + Clean v.2 CSS

By ClaireJones
Simple + Clean v.2 & v.2.5
User Level: Intermediate

Live version for Simple + Clean v.2: [link]
Live version for Simple + Clean v.2.5: [link]

I didn't expect to create any more CSS designs, but there were some elements that bugged me and I just had to figure out how to do them. This version is a more intermediate CSS layout than the original.

Two different versions, as shown in the extremely large preview image, are included in the zip file.

  • Minimalist design
  • Sidebar (Now in an easier to code format)
  • Gallery Menu Bar
  • Scrollboxes
  • Journal Subhead and/or Journal Description
  • No mood box
  • No Journal Entry Date
  • Zero graphical elements (though they may be added)

More CSS Journal Layouts [link]

dA members who have used this CSS:
*Agarath | *Alis86 | *AnnatheWolf | ^ArhcamtIlnaad | =Digital-Kisses | =DryBones90 | *help-the-stockers | *InterfaceLeader | ~miss-angelicfairy | =Onyria | *Reimeiken | =Roconza | =saint-miykael | =xcubic

Edited Versions:
~3Eoclock | =Crysthal | =exheaven | =Fay-lin | *iluvar | =imaeko | =KidAngel | =LeonaWindrider | *Lillymon | ~mozarts-cat | =nikefan1988 | *seitu | =SeiranKaelin | *tulsa | =xPyralisx

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the-snow-fox's avatar
I used it! Thank you so much for making this <3
MadModesty's avatar
I'll be using this! thank you ^---^
Paprika-Studios's avatar
I absolutely love this design - in fact I am using it right now but I am having a problem getting the "comments" link on the bottom of the page. Any particular thing I might be doing wrong?
Renatha-Gomes's avatar

Thanks for your CSS.. I loved this it :love:
ZipDog11's avatar
This is amazing! But where's the code to add it to your journal? I just got a subscription and the FAQ told me to find the code.
bethanysellers's avatar
Thanks so much for this! I'm using the 2.5 version. I am a smidge confused about how to put in the table for Stamps and such. (Sorry, I get confused rather easily when it comes to CSS. -_-)
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar

Thanks for your CSS !! It is really nice
Iggyness's avatar
I love this one! I also love your Modernity ones, but those are too advanced for me. ^^;

Now, I have a question. I can't get my right column at the top....its underneath the whole left column (minus the footer). I did everything the way I should have and I still ended up wrong. >___< Help?
udonLuvA's avatar
Um yeah, I commented on the last version but this one also looks really nice :D
It's hard to decide o-o Might also use the ver.3 ^^;
lenoki's avatar
This is wonderful- i'm just customizing it now, and i love it :D i'm just having one problem:
the comments and previous journals links that are normally at the bottom of the journal are now floating up the top between the Basic Header #1 and Links section of your css.. how can i anchor it back down to the bottom?
cheers! :heart:
LuisaRafidi's avatar
Ok, this is the third time I ask this. I'm sorry that I'm being annoying, but I must know: how do I put back the mood box?
PaleMajesty's avatar
Using, but edited a bit :)
sametimenxtyr's avatar
Once're awesome!!! :+fav:
R2Des2's avatar
I'll be using this. Thanks so much :D
ComfortSound's avatar
I've looked through lots and lots of Journal CSS, and a vast majority of them simply have little appeal. Yours however is perfect, it seamlessly integrates into DA's own design.
Exactly what I'm looking for.
Nice work and Thank You for sharing. :heart:
PaperChainMemories's avatar
Just to let you know that I am using this and that you are awesome for allowing everyone to. :)
Melalie's avatar
I've been looking for something like this. Hope you don't mind if I use it. :)
lajvio's avatar
I really liked version 2.5. How can I use it? I don't really get it =/
KiaraJoy's avatar
I'm using this one for my journal. :) Thank you!
desiredlove's avatar
I've used this CSS, Thanks so much! I'll probably tweaking it every now and then, but thanks for providing the basis of the codes! :)
AkeYuki's avatar
This is so pretty :3 can I add a header if I use it?

also, is there a way to enable the mood box? Dx
myute's avatar
I would like to use your lovely code.

If thats alright. :3
OlgaDrebas's avatar
Hello! I'd like to use the 2.5 one for my journal, but I want to alter it a little by adding a trasparent bg picture just beneath the main header. Do you allow alterations and if yes, could you please teach me how to add such a thing? <3
anyuu's avatar
Looks really nice; maybe better than the first version. Now only have to think which of them I'll be using (once I buy the sub; ofc).
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