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Reminisce Colour Effects Pack v.1.1

Compatibility: Currently only works in 2.4 versions and above (tested up to 2.8.10)

Ten Script-Fu "actions" for GIMP 2.4+. No permissions needed for use. Go over the readme for installation directions and additional information.

The Reminisce scripts produce a stylized effect in a variety of hues. They work best on moderately bright, colorful photos and paintings/images with good saturation.

Included in ZIP file:
  • Ten color effects scripts
  • HTML readme
  • JPEG Preview Image

More GIMP Resources:
My GIMP resources

Update 4/19/2014:
I have received numerous comments saying that the scripts no longer work with modern versions of GIMP, but I have not found this to be true.  Be sure to follow the readme instruction for proper installation. Unfortunately, I do not know where the directory for Windows 8 systems is, but it should be in a similar location.  Please note that you find the GIMP 2 folder in the Programs Files directory and not the Program Files (x86) directory.

Place the .SCM files into the following location : Program Files/GIMP 2/share/gimp/2.0/scripts

With this update, I have streamlined where the scripts on placed. No longer are they found under the Script-Fu menu, but are now located under the Filters > Color Effects menu. To access the Reminisce scripts, go to Filters > Color Effects > Reminisce.
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Thanks great😁😍🤩

I'm using macbook pro 10.10 (Yosemite) with Gimp 2.8.14. I've installed the scripts but can't find them when I open Gimp, even after refreshing the scripts. I've tried a number of troubleshooting actions but still not luck. Are these Windows-base scripts or can they be used on a Mac. If so, can you please advise?

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These are so wonderful! Thank you :)
I've already got these on my computer, now I wanted to put them on the laptop. And it just doesn't work. How can i make it work? i really want to have them :(
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Thankyou so much for your scripts! I've never used scripts with GIMP...I never knew they could work as well as photoshop actions....and yours looks amazing! Thankyou! Looking forward to playing with them :)
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Hey I really loved these filters but I was wondering on how to apply different filters in one image like you did on the image on the right
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hopefully you make them work for gimp 2.8 i used to have this along time ago and i loved them but now i have gimp 2.8 and i download them to script and nothing works :(
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it's so great!!
I used and credited you here [link] :)
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I tried to install it but I have no idea... I read the read me and I don't get any of it. Where are the scripts directory? Oh and I use gimp 2.8
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How do i use them?
RowenaRainbow's avatar
How can i use them?
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this is seriously awesome! thank you!
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How can I use them? - Do you dowload them like you would a font?
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WOW. I was so discombobulated on how to install these things. *just started lastnight* and i nailed it thanks to you!
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erm they loook awesome but how do i use them..? :3
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These are awesome! Thanks so much!
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muchas gracias por compartir esto.
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Love them! I used them here [link] and [link]
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this is awesome! :D
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i love these !
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