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Perpetuity Calendar

By ClaireJones
Apophysis | GIMP

Please note: The above image is only a preview. Text will be clearer on the actual calendar.

As I'm desperately scrambling to put together the Julian/Rings2/Lazysusan themed calendar I wanted out last year, I had an epiphany: I need to redo my Four Seasons Calendar.

This redo is sorta like the Four Seasons Calendar v1.5. I swapped the order for a couple of the months, put Still Life back into the mix (replaced by Glass in Four Seasons) and switched out Blood Flow with an edited Flamenco.

Edit 11/26/2012: Changed cover...for a variety of reasons.

The Months:
◦ January: Still Life
◦ February: Shell
◦ March: Glass
◦ April: Watercolour Leaves
◦ May: Spring Tree
◦ June: Psyche
◦ July: Flamenco
◦ August: Summer's End
◦ September: Autumnal
◦ October: Death of the Autumnal Tree
◦ November: Death
◦ December: Peace

Moar Calendars:
Four Seasons Calendar
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Wow, amazing! I use GIMP myself, it does all the great magic Photoshop provides without price. :)
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You never fail to impress.
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Maad. Good piece (Y)
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I featured your calendar in this news article [link] :)
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There are so many calendars I want, but not enough walls. Maybe one of those 365/a day calendars...hmmm....
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*huggles* long time no see stranger! Your stuff looks great!
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Woah, those images are awesome. (:
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