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By ClaireJones
I figured, why bother showing my uncluttered desktop when it's usually cluttered up by a ton of windows? This is a more realistic setup for me.

I'm running a little bare in this screenshot, with only a few applications running, but you can see how much crap I render. This was taken a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to upload it the last time I was online, so I have even more stuff rendered now. ^^;
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you use gimp! ^^ i used to use it =-= but comp got virus, they deleted it off my computer and my mom gave me a limited account so i couldnt download it again. thoes are awesome! +3+ all i did was make flames and just go " OOOOOO " xD no other speical things.
taria's avatar
I love it, there are some I wish I knew how to do.
Valerie-Ducom's avatar
impressiv collection !
beachesedge's avatar
Damn some good renders!!
fantasio's avatar
faststone is a great tool!
i´m not too into apophysis, maybe i need to spend more time with it-
but it seems that you are quite the person to ask when it comes to that tool;-)
AllTheSame's avatar
Is that Norton or McAfee in the icon tray? (ewwww...)

Tried GIMP a few times, but maybe I'm a simpleton: I'm still partial to the old Corel Painter and I really love Paint.NET for easy stuff...
Quellist's avatar
Aaaaaaah you use the Gimp too?!?!?!?!? Me too!!!!


nice screen, Claire.
ClaireJones's avatar
LOL. Yes, I love GIMP (I'm dying for 2.4). I only use Photeshop Elements for digital paintings. Everything else is with GIMP. :aww:
Quellist's avatar
I currently use the latest release candidate for 2.4

it's actually 2.4.0-rc2 but what's the diff? There's some major bugs though... in fact, I often find it difficult to make it ten minutes without the Gimp causing a fatal error and closing on me. So I'm forced to save my work after every step, lol.

I just hope they hurry it up and release the bugfix version soon!!!!
Silver-Dew-Drop's avatar
WOW Awesome collection! :wow:

:laughing: at "Duds" folder :P ... hard to believe you even have any! LOL All your work is fantastic!! :heart:
ClaireJones's avatar
Oh, you have no idea! Sometimes I have no clue as to why I render some of the stuff I do. :laughing:

Now, I need to finish uploading the stuff I have before going on another rendering streak.
Silver-Dew-Drop's avatar
:giggle: Have fun, and keep up the amazing work... I really love your stuff! :D
Phraktalous's avatar
nice collection :D
Phoenix-22's avatar
Look at all those awesome fractals! :shocked:
ClaireJones's avatar
LOL. They're mostly just redundant renders with different gradients.

I think I'm less an Apoholic and more a Renderaholic. :lol: I get busy rendering everything and forget to render the flames I really want rendered.
Phoenix-22's avatar
Well, at least you have the time to render flames with different gradients, I'm lucky if I get a chance to render one of my old ones these days.
IDeviant's avatar
That's a load of renders! My days of heroic batch renders lasting a week seem to be over :cries:
chromophobic's avatar
ok, wow, that looks like it hurts. . . I have to carefully choose which fractals I render, I have very little.
Nestalgica's avatar
Good lord, you've rendered a great many flames:laughing:
frostfire101's avatar
all i can see are a lot of wallpapers that you should be submitting!!

silly girl

Jaimep's avatar
LMAO What a mess! looks like mine!
KrayboX's avatar
i cud get u PS for free,instead if gimp
WyrdWolf's avatar
I admire your orginazation. I have renders and flames all over the place.
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