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Julia Uncovered

By ClaireJones
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Updated version available here: [link]

Julia Uncovered: An Intermediate Guide to Apophysis

In the tutorial, I will demonstrate how to create this style of Julia with a technique I developed using the Julian variation. The Guide assumes the user already has a basic understanding of Apophysis.

Be sure to view the readme file for Terms of Use.

Included in ZIP file:
PDF file of the Guide
.flame parameters file for 4 Julians
TXT readme

Also available:
Apophysis Guide: An Introduction to Basic Flame Creation
Apophysis Starter Flame Pack
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so much beauty!!
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Thanks so much! And might I say that I love, love, love your fractal art :-)
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Incredibly useful tutorial; thank you.
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Thanx for all your help and I will link to you when I use this tute!
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I went ahead and used this tutorial before I realized that there was a newer version. I made this: [link]
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Thanks for your Tutorial!
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That's like
My name
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Hey, I think you forgot a step :)
When you add the Triangle 3, try to make sure you take some of its weight. I used 0.001, or it will look too fuzzy and clouded.
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This tutorial helped me IMMENSELY, Thank You for sharing :D
My attempt [link]
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Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial - I found it very helpful, easy to follow, and inspirational. here's my version: [link]
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Well, 4 years and a half after you originally posted it, i stumble upon this. Is an amazing tutorial, Thank you for sharing all your knowledge on julian fractals, i came up with this: [link] , hope you like it... :)
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Thanks so much for your tutorial
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Thank you!!
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This is really amazing. I always wondered how people like you do awesome stuffs like this. Until yesterday i decided to dig deeper into fractal sector and came to this tutorial which enlightened me. Many thanks to you.
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How do I open PDF files? It just opens a blank internet explorer and asks me if i want to save. Over and over and over.
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Thanks so much for your tutorial ! It was easy to follow, even if I'm french, and it really helped me :)

Here's what I've done : [link]

Thanks again :p
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Wow, thanks for the detail in the instructions on this! I am a novice at this program (just found it last week) but have used various graphics programs for quite a while so hopefully I will catch on fast. I will tuck this one away for a little while as I learn the basics. Can't wait to dig into it!!! Thanks again
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Was very glad to find this. Helped quite a bit with my stumbling through Apophysis. The number of variations is hard to get your head around without some guidance. Have to say I was rather proud of myself when I got this to show up!
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thanks for the tut, it was well layed out and executed.
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arg... wont let me put in a negative number... is this a bug dor do you hit something other than the - key?
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Thanks for the tutorial, it's really helped me to do better, maybe now I can try to find a way to build off of this =D

Gotta love 8-bit=P
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