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Halloween CSS v.1.2.2



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Halloween CSS v.1.2.2


User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Compatibility: Firefox, IE6 & IE7

View the live version: [link]
View the one column layout: [link]


Journal CSS FAQ: [link]
Read this first before noting questions.

More CSS Layouts: [link]


:new: Display issues have been fixed. The journal layout will now work properly.

I hadn't intended to release this Halloween version, but rather a non-seasonal pack at a later date that would feature multiple colors. Due to a misunderstanding, I wound up getting positive feedback for this version and decided to release it anyway. The CSS consumed a lot of my time, but I corrected the vast majority of display errors in IE--you know, so it actually displays. :noes:

This layout kind of just happened. The original concept was much more folksy and had these really wide vertical black/orange stripes. When I put the journal together, it looked, well...absolutely horrendous. Without meaning to, I got sucked back into a modern, glossy design. There are still some aspects that I think will be changed for the non-seasonal versions, such as a left sidebar that runs from top to bottom with the aid of a background graphic, but I didn't have the time to play around as Halloween is coming soon.

Be sure to experiment with the layout. I gave a few examples, but so much possible. It's not really that complicated of layout to manipulate, but trying to explain what everything does was very difficult. I can only hope that what I wrote will be clear enough.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the readme!

  • Choose either a single or two column layout
  • Designed for a 1024x768 resolution
  • Designed for both Firefox and Explorer with minimal loss of aesthetics in IE
  • Many customization options
  • Menu links feature mouse-over descriptions (Removed in v.1.2)
  • Static left sidebar
  • A slew of elements join together in a multitude of combinations to create a personalized journal layout
  • Advanced users may wish to take advantage of the extra graphics included, as well as the original "Orange Moodbox" version (available in a one column layout, although it's not difficult to apply to a two column one).
  • Released under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.


30 OCT 2008: v.1.2.2
  • Moved the sidebar code in the two column layout to the Header section.
  • Updated the Photobucket screenshot and directions (Photobucket changed their uploading system).
  • Other tweaks.

24 OCT 2008: v.1.2
  • Fixed the CSS to work correctly in dA v6 by removing the top menu.
  • Restored background image to Explorer versions.
  • Minor tweaks to the code
  • Added new readme.

15 OCT 2007: v.1.1
  • Forgot to add the credit in the single column version.

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this have been featured here [link]