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Halloween CSS v.1.2.2

By ClaireJones
GIMP | Notepad++

Halloween CSS v.1.2.2


User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Compatibility: Firefox, IE6 & IE7

View the live version: [link]
View the one column layout: [link]


Journal CSS FAQ: [link]
Read this first before noting questions.

More CSS Layouts: [link]


:new: Display issues have been fixed. The journal layout will now work properly.

I hadn't intended to release this Halloween version, but rather a non-seasonal pack at a later date that would feature multiple colors. Due to a misunderstanding, I wound up getting positive feedback for this version and decided to release it anyway. The CSS consumed a lot of my time, but I corrected the vast majority of display errors in IE--you know, so it actually displays. :noes:

This layout kind of just happened. The original concept was much more folksy and had these really wide vertical black/orange stripes. When I put the journal together, it looked, well...absolutely horrendous. Without meaning to, I got sucked back into a modern, glossy design. There are still some aspects that I think will be changed for the non-seasonal versions, such as a left sidebar that runs from top to bottom with the aid of a background graphic, but I didn't have the time to play around as Halloween is coming soon.

Be sure to experiment with the layout. I gave a few examples, but so much possible. It's not really that complicated of layout to manipulate, but trying to explain what everything does was very difficult. I can only hope that what I wrote will be clear enough.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the readme!

  • Choose either a single or two column layout
  • Designed for a 1024x768 resolution
  • Designed for both Firefox and Explorer with minimal loss of aesthetics in IE
  • Many customization options
  • Menu links feature mouse-over descriptions (Removed in v.1.2)
  • Static left sidebar
  • A slew of elements join together in a multitude of combinations to create a personalized journal layout
  • Advanced users may wish to take advantage of the extra graphics included, as well as the original "Orange Moodbox" version (available in a one column layout, although it's not difficult to apply to a two column one).
  • Released under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.


30 OCT 2008: v.1.2.2
  • Moved the sidebar code in the two column layout to the Header section.
  • Updated the Photobucket screenshot and directions (Photobucket changed their uploading system).
  • Other tweaks.

24 OCT 2008: v.1.2
  • Fixed the CSS to work correctly in dA v6 by removing the top menu.
  • Restored background image to Explorer versions.
  • Minor tweaks to the code
  • Added new readme.

15 OCT 2007: v.1.1
  • Forgot to add the credit in the single column version.

dA members who have used this CSS:
=Anthro-Alliance | =bubblywums | *createbyweek | ~EveningDownpour | *HyperactiveMothMan | =Jenna-Rose | ~Kateri12 | `Lovely-Demented | =monochromatic-stains | =Starke-Haz | ~thebrideworeblack | ~UnforgivenDecay | ~wingedsiamese | *WyrdWolf | *xMarinx
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Passion91's avatar
this have been featured here [link]

KAR10SA's avatar
I've used it, and edited the header slightly. Thankyou :heart:
Tifa22's avatar
Wow, this is cool! :dance:
I wish it was always Halloween ...
EdwardGein's avatar
Omg I love it. As a huge Halloween fan (even when it's not Halloween) I absolutely love your journal layout. It's absolutely beautiful! :3 I'd love to use it - I just bought a subscription and will feature it in my journal if you're cool with that. :] <3 I'm going to give you credit and fav it and stuff.
kutchachhikhen's avatar
Just to let you know that I'm using this layout. Thanks!
Sonic-Loser's avatar
Considering my CSS code exploded in my face, I'll HAVE to use yours. X3

You're amazing at CSS. Keep it up! ^-^
EbilWolf's avatar
i used this css c: I hope it is ok that i made my own header and bg?

it was so easy to work with! excellent work!
thepamjelly's avatar
will use this css :)
Sleepy5's avatar
I'll use this CSS :D
Don't worry,I'll say that you made the it. =D
Akiriana's avatar
thanks for an awesome CSS :D
I just got subscribed and i have little to no extra time to design my own, so I would like to use this ^^ i'll alter things, but i will give you credit, thanks!
KahliRoux's avatar
Beautiful! I may use this :D
Sam-Reynolds's avatar
This looks great!
Great work.
HappilyInsane's avatar
What a great idea! :+favlove: :aww:
Shirleys-Art-Site's avatar
Amazing journal~hats off to u
ClaireJones's avatar
Thanks so much! :aww:
sahwar's avatar
Great journal CSS! :D
xMarinx's avatar
I love this layout. But I wanted to know if we could edit things like the images- so after Halloween we still have a great layout.
I know some people don't like people changing things.
ClaireJones's avatar
I'm fine with journal alterations. I've included the base header image as an XCF file, though I'm not sure if that will help you.

The Halloween layout is actually just a test drive for the real set I'm working on, which will be a non-seasonal pack.
xMarinx's avatar
Yeah, I ended up reading that in the "read me" file that I downloaded.
But yes, I used it and editing and playing with the codes were a lot of fun! ^^ Thanks. <3
lockjavv's avatar
great journal. Definitely gonna use it til halloweens up.
Jenna-Rose's avatar
This deviations has been featured in my “Halloween Features” journal [link] and news article [link] .

If you’d prefer not to be featured, let me know and I will remove you asap.
Dreyfus2006's avatar
Do you think it will be possible for you to do a Christmas version of this as December approaches?
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Wow great work :clap: :+fav:

And don't worry about the IE. I know the problem and it's always a pain to get journal work right... people should learn to use the Firefox :giggle:
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