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Grad. Installation Directions

By ClaireJones
Apophysis Gradient Installation Directions

For those of you who are unsure of how to get the UGR file into Apophysis.

I had originally intended to include this file with the gradient packs. However, I thought adding a 300+ KB file to every pack was excessive and decided to offer it seperately for those who need help.

ZIP File includes:
  • PDF Directions
  • TXT readme containing usage guidelines

Available Gradient Packs:
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Thankyou thankyou thankyou....I was having a terrible time with this!!!!
How do I use these in gimp?
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i ll have to check it when i get home from work (shhh dont tell anyone) ... i tried to download gradient packs and they all end up in UF grrrrr
Debi62's avatar
Thanks so much!!! I'm a noob and I really need to learn the basics!!!

Just an FYI though: the last gradient pack link isn't working.

Thanks again!!! :wave: :hug:
znow-white's avatar
Your wonderful Resources have been featured here.[link]

Thank you for providing the gallery with such awesome Resources.:heart:
MothersHeart's avatar
I'm trying to LEARN! thanks!
FractalAngel-Stock's avatar
This piece has been featured in my news article [link]
I hope you'll have a great day:hug:

Take care,
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I needed this...
KuroInuSama69's avatar
thanx clare. when i finally have time to learn how to use this stuff, i'll defiantely give you some credit ^^
GMintyfresh's avatar
Thanks claire got quite a few gradients already but you boosted the amount I've got by loads, you can never have too many, thank you Geoff
ImagersFractalDDs's avatar
Hey Clair? If you would Note me the links to this and all the rest of the gradients packs I'll put them in the tut page of our journal and the shoutbox :D
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