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Escher's Frost



Rendered in Apophysis.

The original Escher's Dream is one of my most purchased fractal pieces. I'm not sure if it's due to the form or the name, but it has really resonated with the public.

It also has the dubious distinction of being one of my most rendered pieces, one of the ones I cannot get "right".

The original is called "spiralfilm" and every incarnation since has included this as the file name prefix. Without all of the usual texturing, it reminds me of film reels. I initially envisioned a very colorful stained glass piece. At the time when I first created Escher's Dream, however, I couldn't get the texturing right and I also had not learned how to colour the flame properly--i.e. the -1 trick.

Over the years I have returned to "spiralfilm" and messed with texture and colour. And each time I have abandoned the attempts because I can't get what I want in my head to translate into practice. Recently I have gotten closer to my ideal, though I think I've mostly forgotten what I originally envisioned due to so many years of frustration.

While looking over some of my recent attempts, I found this render. I don't consider Escher's Frost anywhere near to my ideal, but I nevertheless hope it finds a place with the public. :aww:
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