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Apophysis 2.03b | Text & framing in GIMP

Now, I do not wish to scare off anyone with the title of this deviation. I spent forever looking for the perfect gradient for this flame. The original gradient Apophysis gave me was very bright and it looked very different. When I accidentally did find that gradient (embers with some blurring, if you are curious), I was so pleased with the results. It is not a scary death, nor is it a happy death. It is merely many souls peeking out from the dark, watching one enter into the next realm. Or, at least, that is how I see it.

I ended up rendering about five different versions of the Death series in various forms and sizes. Of those, this is my favorite and one of the favorite pieces that I have rendered so far.

Please full view.

Original 1280 version can be viewed here: [link]
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This does remind me of some of the hellish labyrinths I've seen in movies, taking place in smoldering, winding tunnels. The low-saturation reds make me think of blood flowing through a delicate circulatory system, so precarious, one needle poke or air bubble and the whole thing collapses...