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Cloistered Worlds

By ClaireJones
Apophysis | GIMP

Ah, jeez. Almost forgot about this one. :roll: I'd been waiting to upload the gallery CSS and the CWP v.1 first.

This is a rare new fractal from me (i.e. not some random old flame that's been on the hard drive for a few months). Although, it's technically a reworking of the Death flame. It probably won't be very popular, but I was extremely pleased with this piece on all levels from composition and structure to the gradient.

Speaking of the which, I spent forever working on the gradient. I had an exact idea of how I wanted the flame to look, but the gradient would not cooperate. Just as I was giving up, I did one final tweak and it was exactly what I wanted.

My one real complaint is that I wish I had been just a bit more patience to really square off the flame structure to produce straighter lines.
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Not a big Fractal art fan.
Nor have i done or seen enough to have an opinion.
But this is BadAss. 
The colours are awesome! The contrast between the reddish brown and blue works very well. It looks like some sort of fabric.. something that hippies wear :) 
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Claire I Heart  you. You`re the best CURSE YOU!.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time you spent on the tutorials and production of resources
(especially the "Grand Juian").

The piece reminds me of my Eternal Corridors flame which gradient is not that strong & well adjusted as yours.
Wonder what plug is involved here beside linear Bear Emoji-37 (Wondering Question) [V2] .
Thank you agin Orange Or Gold Peace .
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Very Escher-like. Love the colors, shading and overtones.
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This is beautiful. Magnificent colors, and overall layout. I love the balance and twisting of the piece.

And I can definitely see the effort into the gradient. Stunning work. :hug:
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what can i say that would in any way, pay tribute to the hours of attention and precision that you poured into this, to make its grace and elegance look, almost, second nature to you, seamless and easy!

thank you.
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"Just as I was giving up, I did one final tweak and it was exactly what I wanted."

i spend most of my time paying for NOT giving up. ;)
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Love The Color And Patterns - Great Job.
Mishkin-Rayman's avatar
I'm always in ave by looking at fractals by people who know their craft. I tried using apo for a while, but everything I ever did looks like crap. :XD:
novamation's avatar
Best reason I can think of for studying math.
neonpink's avatar
I'd love this on my wall!!
JimHubel's avatar
What an awesome piece. Love it!
Nightstormandme's avatar
love the colours and the feel that it gives
StiLt3D's avatar
Absolutely amazing! The gift that keeps on giving the more I look at it.
fractalinda's avatar
So rich and gorgeous. Excellent!
steppeland's avatar
:wave: This marvellous work is featured in the 3x3 "Delicious Art" feature in my journal here :rose:
VGtar's avatar
I think it's great! Very vibrant!
McCreary's avatar
No complaints, love. This image is transcendent. I am in love, inspired, awe struck...there is something eternal and looking into your mind, at once dizzying and comforting. Me likey!! Respect
Ooki-Kuma's avatar
It is a great fractal, one of the best I have ever seen. The depth towards the warm glow gives it a great feel and texture. Love it!
dark-beam's avatar
WoooW!!! Amazing
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