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CJ Animation Rendering Script



An animation rendering script for Apophysis adapted from the original animation script by Mark Townsend.

This is used to generate animation "stills" to be compiled later by another application into an animated GIF in PS/PSP/GIMP or Flash, I suppose. I used this script when I created my FractalVision webcam image [link] . The script is ideal for creating animated avatars.

This script takes information from the user by way of user input boxes and alters the script accordingly. I originally created this script because I didn't like having to change the frame prefix in the script editor for every batch I ran. This is one of the few scripts I use regularly and I figured that someone else might find it useful as well.

As an example, the preview image shows a Julian flame that has been rendered into 12 frames at 300x300px with 500 quality, 0.6 filter radius and an oversample of 2.

User Input Fields:
  • Number of frames
  • Render width
  • Render height
  • Render quality
  • Filter radius
  • Oversample
  • Frame prefix
  • Render output folder
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I made an extended version of this script myself and thought you should know about it, I also have given you appropriate credit. You can take a look at it here if you're interested: