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Black + Blue CSS Layout

By ClaireJones
User Level: Advanced

Live version for Black + Blue: [link]

This CSS totally kicked my butt. I have spent the past week working on only this thing and finally had to give up. I can't do what I want with deviantART's CSS restrictions. The CSS was supposed to have these spiffy rollover buttons...but it didn't quite work out. I was further irritated to see that the live version didn't display as the preview showed. There is supposed to be a nifty footer image, but it's not there. :shrug: So now, I want to get rid of this thing and hope someone else can make use of it. Now I'm going back to my regularly scheduled life.

Speaking of which, this is an advanced layout. Seriously. :| Only use this design if you know you're way around CSS. That said, it's still only a little bit of coding that veterans shouldn't have much trouble with. It's just very sensitive for some reason.

Do you know that this was originally designed as an animated CSS with a Fella logo on a brushed silver background? The buttons were always supposed to be blue, which finally dawned on me that a mint green Fella wouldn't really match well with the design, especially when I switched to the black background. By the way, those three small blue buttons on the header were supposed to slowly fade in and out. I wasn't sure if anyone would use the animated version and I sorta kinda messed up on the buttons, which meant that I would have to redo them again. So I kept them non-animated. As I struggled with the layout, part of me wished I had made the buttons red instead. :crazy: I still sort of wish I had, though the title wouldn't have been so catchy.

Included in ZIP File:
  • TXT Journal CSS & HTML file
  • HTML readme
  • PDF Installation Guide
  • 31 PNG Images (3 Headers, 1 Footer, 1 Scrollbox and 26 Glossy Buttons)

  • Rollover Menu Buttons
  • Two different styles of Menu Buttons
  • Left-hand Sidebar
  • Three default styles of Sidebar Headers
  • Two default styles of Scrollboxes
  • Two default styles of Headers
  • Journal Subhead and/or Journal Description
  • No Mood Box
  • No "Journal Entry" text
  • Modern graphical elements
  • Many customizable features
  • Some of the longest CSS code you've ever seen.
  • It's black...and blue

Buttons Included:
Artisan Crafts, Clubs, CSS, Customize, Customization, Digital, Drawings, Features, Fractals, Friends, Gallery, Links, Paintings, Photography, Photos, Prints, Renders, Scraps, Skins, Stamps, Themes, Traditional, Walls, Wallpapers, blank button & blank button highlight

More CSS Journal Layouts: [link]

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    I love this journal, I use it now but I twitched it and the coding was hard but I finally got it! <3
XxAzaDreamxX's avatar
Quick question, can you add a header and footer image to this?If so, would you teach me how? ;w;
HayaMika's avatar
Just Thought I'd ask, May I use this on my Journal?
Kyaputen-Shima's avatar
nicely done!

yuo should check out my layout idea.
maybe you could help?
statisticiallyloved's avatar
How can I use this for my journal entry?
ma-ry's avatar
I don't know where I should insert this code.
Coco-Bunny's avatar
u can't use it unless u have a subscription XD
ma-ry's avatar
and how can I do this, xd
ma-ry's avatar
can I use it?
iluvbluesky's avatar
When I first started searching for Apo Tutorials, I was immediately drawn to yours. You are such a good writer and so easy to follow. I began to wonder if you had a Graphic/Web Design background and...YES YOU DO! I found your CSS designs today and I am so impressed! Amazingly clean work, just what I like. I have spent the last 2 months learning CSS so that I can get away from designing with strictly HTML. I am glad to know that CSS fans are also here on DA! Thank you again for your generosity.
ForbiddenLoveForever's avatar
How do i do a css code for my journal? I am new to the subscription deal...
Cyanus-Corvus's avatar
Hope you don't mind, but I used this :D
[link] <- journal
Kataang-furuba's avatar
It took me some time to figure it out, but I got it. well, all the dashes and stuff. time to make it my own! :D
(I'm not editing it--that'll be crazy!)
Ayama-Chan's avatar
I'm using a *slightly* modified version of this CSS :3

Cyanus-Corvus's avatar
someone tell me how to use this please!
QuantumEldrAg's avatar
This is really cool! I'll figure it out to use it xDDD I'm gonna use this one
M-T-D-G's avatar
Great layout!Just what I was searching for! I used it for my journal. Hope you won't mind it ^^ :heart:
LilithOfTheDamned's avatar
very nice. I am going to use this right now.
noname4you's avatar
Using if you don't mind
Neonescence's avatar
This is a beautiful layout! I'm using it now :D - Thanks for sharing! :heart:
noname4you's avatar
can I use this?
IAmABlue-Monkey's avatar
thanks for sharing this, it's great! I've used it for my journal.

I just had a little problem with the rollover links at the top, which is a shame because I liked those better than the second option. >.<
doriannedutrieux's avatar
Oh wow, very nicely done
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