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Apophysis Starter Flames II

By ClaireJones
Apophysis | GIMP | FastStone Image Viewer

Includes nine (9) starter flames for Apophysis.

ZIP file includes:
  • .FLAME file containing 9 two-transform flames
  • TXT readme for terms of use

Also available:
© 2006 - 2021 ClaireJones
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Thank you so much for sharing these.

cleo100's avatar
These packs are very nice and thank you for letting me download them.

I so wish there was a tutorial out there to help me make one of the really detailed looking ones of my own from scratch
JFishburnArtworks's avatar
I've used some of these to make some fractals without knowing they were from a resource pack. I haven't made any money with them but is it legal to sell flames I've made using these resources?
DarkRose1997's avatar
.....How to use.....?
Whoops, i came.
Vocatus's avatar
Thanks so much :D
underworldriver's avatar
Thank you for these! :heart: Been on the lookout for these, seeing as how fractal has always captured me, i wanted to try something of my own. :)
Wojo55's avatar
Thanks for these. I used one here.

azekariel's avatar
Thanks for these!
ClaireJones's avatar
You're welcome! :aww:
rormnsa2gether's avatar
mercurybird's avatar
jesus christ... idk what they're for but they're mesmerizing to look at. must fave all of 'em. :0 beautiful.
ClaireJones's avatar
:XD: Thanks! I appreciate it.
sweetangel1's avatar
thanks so much :hug: :blowkiss: these are great :clap:
ClaireJones's avatar
No problem! Hope you find them useful for something. :aww:
LenasArtWorXS's avatar
One question, under Apophysis folder I don't have a parameter folder there, why?...
ClaireJones's avatar
Hmm. I think this might be because you didn't install version 2.02 first. If you haven't done this, go to the original Apophysis site and download 2.02. This will generate a folder for Apophysis in Program Files with a bunch of other folders inside. It shouldn't overwrite anything and you can drag/drop any files you already have created.

Now, if you have already installed 2.02 and there isn't a parameter folder for whatever reason, just create a new folder and name it "Parameters". And actually, you don't even technically need a parameters folder in Apophysis. You can put .flame files anywhere, but it's nicer to keep all of your parameters in one place. Just remember where they are when you're browsing for them. :aww:
LenasArtWorXS's avatar
Thank you, yeah I figured it out after I already posted. I didn't have v. 2.02 installed... sorry about that. I didn't know you had to have that first.
ClaireJones's avatar
Actually, I didn't realize that either. Originally I only knew about 2.02 and had that installed first by default. It wasn't until after I began writing tutorials that I figured out that one still needs the 2.02 version.
LenasArtWorXS's avatar
"slaps head" I just saw somewhere I need v.202 in order for beta versions to work....nvm ;)
MzKitty45601's avatar
Wow, more prettiness. :D :+fav:
ButterFractal's avatar
w00t! more?! thankies :heart: ^_^
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