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Apophysis Guide

By ClaireJones
Apophysis Guide: An Introduction to Basic Flame Creation

So, I have finally created the tutorial I had hoped to make. This is aimed mostly at beginners, though everyone should be able to gain a little from it. The tutorial has step by step instructions on making flames from scratch in the method I have used lately and has many examples throughout along with helpful hints. I had wanted to make a more aesthetically pleasing Guide, but there were time constraints, never mind the time already spent putting it together.

Additional information is in the readme file.

*Note: The Guide was created in HTML at the 1152 resolution. As such, it most likely will not display correctly at lower settings.
Also, despite the black background, the Guide is printable. The font is actually grey and prints fine. A little light, but readable.

EDIT: Links under the Extra section have been corrected.

Included in the ZIP file:

Apophysis Guide in HTML
Apophysis Flame Parameters
Readme TXT file

I also have an Apophysis flame pack available: [link]
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Thank you for supllying this Guiding help. Have been trying to master this program for a bit. Need expert pointers.

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I am trying this, thank you so much
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thank you so much .. it's this kind of this that makes one have hope :D
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thank you!!:) :blowkiss:
i have done some flames but still have start cracking the code !!!!
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im new to apo and really appreciate you taking the time to create resources :)
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I hope the guide was useful for you. :aww:
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Thanks so much Claire. This is a helpful tut for everyone whether new or old. I've been using Apo since I first discovered it 3 years ago and still love it though it kills me from time to time. Plus, there's always something new to learn. Getting used to the new 2.04 version is bugging me but this helped to allay my fears.

Also may I ask out of curiosity how you are still able to use the 2.03 versions? I've been told that one can backdate their computer which is doable but it there another way to avoid the warning "this version has expired"? Or do you happen to know? Thanks again, :D
ClaireJones's avatar
The 2.04 version bugs me a lot too. I'm actually in the process of updating this Guide to address the upgrade to 2.04. I wasn't aware of the update when I posted the tutorial. It's been slow going because I have to take new screenshots for all of the Adjust and Options windows. That and I've switched operating systems and I have a strong need for cohesion. It's a real shame there was a timer in the 2.03b since I still insist it was the latest most stable version. :(

I don't know if you've already seen the tutorial by *2B2H. It addresses a lot of 2.04 features and is the only tutorial I've seen talk exclusively about the latest version.
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Thanks for the comment! Hope you have a chance to update your tut! I really liked the 2.03 version too because they were faster than the new one. Baba has given me a new method of rendering more quickly if you are interested I'm sure she'll explain. As for the old versions - they will still work if you change your computer calendar. I've done this before with other Apo versions and it doesn't cause any computer trouble but it makes me nervous just the same.

Also I've seen Carl's new tut but haven't read it through properly. I've had so many other things to do, mostly tending to voice to voice conversations with my fiance . We've been talking so much about art, Apos, collabs and all sorts of other things that I haven't made the time to go through all the tuts I have stored up much less the several other projects that I've been thinking of lately. At least I'm back focussed on art now instead of only romance! It's quite hilarious how much time we spend sharing Apo flames and working on them together. Who would have thought it could be this much fun despite the fact that we haven't met face to face yet - only picture to picture and voice to voice! :D

Good luck with your work and hope to see more in the future! (Ooops I think I forgot to devwatch you!)
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Took me less time than I expected, but I did sort of finish updating the tutorial. There's still a lot more I want to add to it, but that's all I can reasonably do at the moment. Baba mentioned setting the clock back, but the idea makes me nervous. The kids do enough to mess up the computer as it is. :XD: I've grudgingly become accustomed to 2.04 version now.
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Great you managed to do the tut! Looking forward to seeing it again. I'm reluctant to set the clock back too and there's no one but me to mess up this system! :lol:
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I finally got around to read the tutorial from start to finish. Congratulations to the great job and thank you very much for all the work you have put into it. It's a very nice and usefull guide. I learned two new things which I probably would never have discovered without your guidance.
1. That clicking on Preset in the Adjust - Gradient Tab brings up a random gradient from the default list and I never payed attention to the copy paste buttons there either even though I use the smooth palette button often.
2. That right clicking allows to pull lost triangles back into focus in the Transform Editor. It had happened heaps of times that I lost triangles out of sight and didn't know how to get them when scrolling with the mouse wheele didn't help :)

btw. did you know that double clicking on the gradient produces random gradient and that a right-click on the gradient produces a drop down menu with usefull features? If you seect copy you can past it back at a later stage, this is very handy. When I try random gradients I copy the first one I like and keep on looking trying a few others and when nothing comes up I just past the one back from clipboard.That is faster than if I had saved it and had to go and find it in the folder. You probably know all this but I thought I'd mention it because I found this out by chance.
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Hi Baba, you can also use the back button to reverse to the gradient you liked best. You probably knew this. :D
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Yes but it only goes one back :)
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
OH? That's not my experience. You can go back as many times as you like, it's just very tedious. I like your method better. Or the other thing I do is double click, back, double click, back, etc! :D

BTW, have tried the fast rendering method you suggested and wow, that does render quickly in most cases. As little as 2 minutes in one case. So I've been making some Apo's but just haven't posted them yet!:D Wonder why? :lol: (We surpassed our record yesterday!)
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I caused a confusion about the reverse button. I can go back heaps of time. What I meant to say was that I like the gradient save to clipboard method in order that I can save a gradient and insert it anywhere I like on the reverse button journey.
If you had time to break any records does that mean you could skip the f.meeting? :)
I have tried the rendering method and it gave good results on most cases. I am glad it works for you too :)
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
Oops, I think I posted a confusing statement, I meant Sergio and I talked for a record amount of time - 81/2 hours! Not sure what meeting you are talking about, :lol::D!!!
baba49's avatar
No I understood perfectly well... I referred to the planed meeting with family :)
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
:lmao: Just realised we've been having this convo on Claire's page all this time!!!

Hi Claire and thanks for letting us use your page!

Baba - continued to note.......... :D
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It should go back more than once, but it sounds like you have an odd version. Sometimes the gradients get funky and hitting the back button sends you to the original gradient, but that happens only occasionally.
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I suspect that I hadn't expressed myself well. I can go back a lot but I apreaciate to be able to keep a gradient in the clipboard that I can copy it into any flame that apears when I go back with the back button.... argh I think I make it worse. Anyway, going back is no problem. The only problem that bugs me is that I have to have the Mutation Winsow closed when I work in the Transform Editor. Do you know by any chance if others have the same problem and if yes if that had been reported somewhere where the developers might see it?
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