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A Lone Starry Night

By ClaireJones
Rendered in Apophysis.
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© 2012 - 2021 ClaireJones
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Your images single-handedly made me decide on picking up Apophysis. Thanks.
theEmilian's avatar
Great Work ! I`m fascinated ! you`re a relly good artist
experimental99's avatar
really cool and eerie. makes me feel at peace
GreiaPrince's avatar
This is gorgeous! Well done. ♥
Ace60's avatar
love your work
tatasz's avatar
Omg its so beautiful... Really reminds of the night sky...
Ashotguntoyourhead's avatar
feels like starry night because of the color i like it
vaecrius's avatar
Strangely festive for the season. :)

Just curious... did you specifically set out to do something Starry Night-like, or did it just end up this way?
ClaireJones's avatar
I was working on a spiral flame and after a few gradient changes realized it had a similar motion to the skies in Starry Night. I had dreams of grandeur that I could actually duplicate the swirling of the stars and come up with a gradient that looked exactly like the sky. Originally this piece was rendered in landscape, but the gradient went all funky as the color traveled from right to left and the distribution of the large "stars" failed due to how spiral flames are formed. I realized I captured the spirit better in a cropped portrait layout if I focused mostly on the moon. After a ton of failed attempts, I managed to get a gradient with a similar feeling, but it's nowhere close to Starry Nights in colour or color distribution, much to my disappointment. Guess I've got to work on my Apo skillz...

So, uh, to answer you question, both, in a way.
one-tough-one's avatar
That's a lot of star's :)
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